Introduction: How You Can Make / Living Wall Art

Living wall art

Step 1: Irrigation Mat Covered With Moss

irrigation mat covered with moss ( that was in our greenhouses)

Step 2: Original Irrigation Mat

original irrigation mat

Step 3: Styrofoam Container

styrofoam container (that was in our greenhouses)

Step 4: Compost Soil

compost soil

Step 5: Hydro Grains

hydro grains 

Step 6: Leaves


Step 7: Compost Soil , Hydro Grains ,

compost in the Styrofoam container ( compost soil , hydro grains ,compost soil )

Step 8: Chicken Wire

make the chicken wire onto the Styrofoam tray over

Step 9: Irrigation Mat With Moss

than tighten the irrigation mat  onto the styrofoam container and than cut a hole 

Step 10: Put the Plant in It

put the plant in it and ad some decoration (I have a butterfly attached)


K5RCQ made it!(author)2015-04-18

The thought of this intrigues me unfortunately I have hardy board siding do you think it would be friendly with hardy board siding

barefootbohemian made it!(author)2012-03-21

Congratulations! Very nice ible and a great idea.

breumer made it!(author)2012-03-27

Thank you ,)

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