Introduction: How You Can Make Crossbow

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Why is this important ؟
You  can use this for bird hunting, and catch a small animal, and you can train on the accuracy of correction.

Step 1: Materials

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-Wood sticks
-Cutting Tools
-Colored pencils

Step 2:

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Provide 6 wood sticks, and  take 3 of them, and join them together using rubber tape.

Step 3:

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Then add the other 3 wood sticks, and put them around the middle of the 3 ones.  Make sure that it is well-proofed.

Step 4:

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Take 7 wood sticks, and hold them together using rubber tape.  Try to make it thick.

Step 5:

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Provide about 20 pieces of rubber bands, and join to make them as a rope, and hold 2 ends on the 2 ends of wood sticks bar using rape tape.

Step 6:

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Put the sniper on end the weapon, and make it straight.

Step 7:

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 Assemble the pieces tope as ( T ) shape.  because it is easy for use.

Step 8:

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Test your crossbow, and put some Piece of cardboard or plastic, and fired the arrow, but do not use it in people's mischief.


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