HowTo: Hang Tripod on Ceiling || Hama Star 63




Introduction: HowTo: Hang Tripod on Ceiling || Hama Star 63

I needed fast solution for camera position and this works well.

Watch video if you want:

Needed tools:
- Hammer Drill
- Hammer

Needed materials:
- Screw Hook
- Screw Anchor
- Metal Ring Or Rubber Band Or Wire(anything to attach betwen hooks)

Step 1: Drill Hole in Ceiling

Find drill bit for screw anchor hole. Put it in drill and drill with hammer mode on drill.

Step 2: Put Screw Anchor in Hole

Put screw anchor in hole and push it.

Step 3: Hammer in Screw Anchor

Hammer it in but dont apply too much force.

Step 4: Screw in Screw Hook

Screw in hook slowly. Don't do that with drill because that will cause screw hook to heat up and melt screw anchor!

Step 5: Attach Tripod Hook With Screw Hook and You Are Done!

Simply put something to hold tripod on hook.



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