Picture of HowTo hack javascript guessing games
How to hack HTML/JS games where you must guess numbers or passwords
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Step 1: Get a game

Picture of get a game
first you need a game, e.g. this one.
Open it with your borwser, i recommend Firefox.
I'll describe howto use firefox, not IE.

Step 2: Open source of the game!

Picture of open source of the game!
right-click and select "View Page Source".
then search for the variable which you think is the number/etc you have to enter.

Step 3: Found it

Picture of found it
we found a nice variable...

if we look at it, its a number between 0 and 1000, looks familiar... :-P

now enter javascript:alert(vaiable-name); into the address bar.
because our variable is called random_number, we enter javascript:alert(random_number);

Step 4: Running our little script

Picture of running our little script
ok now press RETURN, and we get a new window.
it should tell us the variable's value.

enter the value into the input-box.
if it was the right variable, we should have won.
agent6 years ago
This works the exact same in IE.
zimmemic25 (author)  agent6 years ago
i know, but because i use linux and firefox, i can't make an instructable for IE, because i can't get the screenshots of IE. and i don't like it.
Nevermind6 years ago
Hmm, I see this game was made by another Instructables member, Why dont you give credit to whoever made it.....
zimmemic25 (author)  Nevermind6 years ago
i never said that its mine... i just tell you how to solve it the cheating way.
Just give credit to whoever you got it from.............
n8man Nevermind6 years ago
Coolz made it, you might of heard of him.
zimmemic25 (author)  n8man6 years ago
yeah i found the game in his instructable, but @Nevermind: i dont have it "got", i dont host it, its the original URI... its not an instructable about this game, i just use it as an example