In this Instructable we will try to give a general guide to the basics around sex.

Here we are, getting instructables.com all dirtied up, we're here mostly to give a general overview and guide to help young people with sex, it's not something that's easy to talk about and those biology classes aren't exactly helpful...

This 'ible will cover a fair few things about the holy of holies, such as protection and safety, where, when and how, the feelings involved, the act itself and the aftermath.

"Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him."
- Aldous Huxley


  • Are you looking at this at work? I'd suggest turning back now before it's too late and you start yelling at us. :)
  • In this Ible, explicit content will be discussed. As we assume you are a law-abiding citizen, you must be 13 or older to be viewing this Ible, so we are trying to keep this at about a PG13 level.
  • This Ible was written by three heterosexual males, and one heterosexual female. We will try to cover homosexual sex to the best of our abilities - or our cut and paste abilities, and also try to make this Ible useful for girls. At the end of this Ible we will have a section of links to more information.
  • Have you got problems with seeing this Ible? Push the ALT key on your keyboard, and while holding it down press F4, if you don't like it, don't read it!

Step 1: Why We Made This Instructable

You may wonder why we have published this Ible. This is why:

Too many people try to have sex without knowing how to do it properly. That is why there are so many sexually frustrated people... and extra babies... in this world then there aught to be.

Well you might say that an 'ible on sex, not only is a bit late in arriving, but is a bit of a controversy on its own, because this is a DoITYourself site, the exact opposite of sex, you might say it isn't right on that basis. But then you must also consider this is a how-to site, and on that basis this Ible is much needed addition.

It's also a very pertinent instructable since the younger members of the site (13+) will starting to be having these issues and we'd be very bad people not to give them the help of four depraved monsters from around the world.
The majority of the internet needs to read this.<br><br> You should have included the XKCD comic with the guy saying &quot;Penises are about this big, now as a culture, lets get over ourselves&quot;<br><br>Covered all the bases.<br><br>Pun most definitely intended.
Thanks, I believe that was published some time after this... <br><br>Well about the only way to find it is on my author page... It has been unindexed on the search page, the link works anywhere though.
I was wondering why I hadn't seen this, but I understand. Possible to find if you look for this kind of thing, but too much actually useful info for people to just toss it off the site.
Coitous-big bang theory- never coming out of my mouth=)
fowarding link to ex boyfriend right away.<br /> hehe, thanks :)
Ha, glad to be of service *tips cap... <br /> <br /> &nbsp;
very good my school told us condoms don't work so no one used them and a bunch of girls got pregnant. there not that hard to buy, instead of being ashamed just think "now its time for sex"
i lol'd at the XKCD comics..
As a 30-something man with two daughters who will, despite all my efforts to the contrary, be moving into a sexual awakening soon, this is an excellent effort on the part of you young people to help others be informed and proactive. No mistakes, all very common sense stuff, with appropriate links provided. And the most refreshing piece of all: nothing on abstinence only! Good for all of you. I could ask for a rewrite for grammar, but other than that, it's a beautiful 'ible.
At some point I'll attack the grammar with RS... <br/><br/>Abstinence doesn't work, it just delays problems... <br/><br/>Thanks a lot for the compliments we all worked hard on this one, though when I saw the start of the comment <em>As a 30-something man with two daughters</em> I was expecting a haranguing... <br/>
In this section on gay and lesbian sex, the best picture you could find is a hovering screw of anal torture?
If you replaced Jared name with mine it would sound exactly the same, especially about the drafting and design Great Instructable
Thanks mate... We all did our work, getting it to an 'ibles appropriate level was <em>hard</em> I had to put clothes on the diagrams, we all wrote and re-wrote... <br/><br/>Hmm, not sure his description still holds true... It's been a while...<br/>
Haha, loved the 'ible. Kind of funny that living in California I actually had a class in high school (a public one) that went over a lot of this stuff. Education is definitely better than abstinence... Definitely... Knowledge is power and people preaching abstinence really need to start being realistic.
I've met some people who "abstained" one has a kid and one has a disease... Education wins, telling teenagers not to do it is not going to stop them, teaching them to be smart is much easier in the long run...
I can't conceive Bumpus actually writing this. KJ I can see, Rishnai I don't know, and knowing Jessy isn't all innocent scares me. Great collab, congrats and GREAT SUCCESS!
Aww, it's okay, I scare a lot of people that way. And seeing as I'm the old lady in this collaboration, I'd be more worried if I was completely innocent at this point in my life. ;)
I was so not mentioned...
Apologies!!! YOU ARE A SEX GOD
Weird preconceived notions there, by the way you forgot rocketscientist... What made you think jessy was innocent, LED pasties, general rat finkery... Rishnai is a latecomer to the collaboration but he's added some great stuff...
I know, but seeing as she's arguably the most active/attractive female (with respect to Canida and any others I forgot), knowing more of her intimate details, however obvious they were, was a bit of a shocker, needless as it may be. By the way, your (I'm assuming it was you, can't imagine any of the others saying it) comment "Anyway, there are two schools of thought here, you can either stay up a little and be all gentle and ticklish, or you can go to work..." made me laugh like I haven't in weeks. Comedy genius, or maybe just hit some weird nerve with me. All-in-all, still a great 'Ible, I'd like to see you guys work together in the future.
<em>or maybe just hit some weird nerve with me.</em> - Shouldn't it be hitting some nerve with her, I'm worried now... <br/><br/>Well you have to remember that all of us are at the end of the day human, and do have a particular draw towards &quot;the sex&quot;... <br/><br/>What would we do next as a collab anyway?<br/>
I don't know, go more in depth. Specific positions. Now THAT"S pushing the limit!
why is this a necessity <br/>Obviously the equation goes as such<br/>Killerjackalope instructables=the sex<br/>so thats all you have to do<br/>is post an instructable about how you post instructables!<br/>
So I have to post an 'ible that is about posting 'ibles that end up the sex, but will that 'ible end up the sex?
... Nice...
this was very helpfull for me thanks :)
Cool, good stuff.
Now badgers are perverts, how come we are ?
haha. u guys rock. n just ruined the magic of it. haha. hw did u make that last pic?with that guy n da girl. n all those red and black spiral things?
I made that in photoshop ages ago out of boredom... <br/><br/>I could do an 'ible on it, wont be using that pic again unless i have an <em>amazing reason though</em> <br/>
i didnt read this, and glad. im probably still young though i am 13. hate to have nightmares again...
That said not long until it's all you think of, that'll make the nightmares even more complicated...
xD yeah, i already have wierd dreams. like WIERD dreams. couple years ago in a dream, i had a girlfriend that i never met. she called a pay phone, i answered, we started talking, and her last name was Pinochio. She was asian. lol i dont know why i have strange dreams like that
You think THATS wierd? Once I had a dream where my girlfriend was a taco zombie. I ate her in the end of the series of dreams.
Is that a cunnilingus reference?
Quite possibly, yes.
Least your are just weirdish... The mind can do some crazy things, try getting completely lost with where the dream and reality end...
THIS song goes well with this instructable<br/><br/><div style="margin-left:15px;"> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/UXkt8M7_GbQ"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/UXkt8M7_GbQ" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent"></embed></object></div><br/>
I love Benny Benassi!
Apart from being awful... Well not my kind of music unless I'm really really (insert state of mind here)
It's not that bad, but most of it's type is lol...
no techno for you... but then again, i do hate other types of music...
Fair enough, we have our different tastes...
how are you supposed to know about this, you look 14.
yes, we do, nice instructable BTW oh, you should add some mood setting songs to the instructable

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