I didn't want to buy in to the wasteful "buy, wear for a few hours, throw away" corsage culture, so I decided to make a more economical, longer lasting, and greener alternative.

This instructable will teach you how to make duct tape flowers and then use those flowers to make a corsage. The flowers and corsage will last forever and are waterproof, recyclable, hypo-allergenic, and just plain cool! They are also cheaper than a normal corsage and don't require a trip to the florist.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:
-Duct tape (Varying colors add some "wow")
-Floral wire (cut-up coat hangers or similar wire will also suffice)
-Thin, bendable wire (I used electrical solid-core hook-up wire)
-X-acto knife
<p>this is awesome I have been trting to learn how to make these</p>
<p>I probably wont make a corsage with this, but im definitely going to make the flowers, thanks for the awesome tutorial :D </p>
I don't post a lot of tutorials because all my creations, techniques, &amp; items are patent &amp; copyright pending, but feel free to check out my company's facebook page Duck Duct Bloom for some awesome duck tape items. We are a fully operating company with 3 employees and I'm always looking for exceptional crafters who are willing to work as independent contractors.
Many of my friends think of me when they think of ducttape. I made for instance a had, a wallet, a purse and drink coasters. When we last had a student ball, I couldn't buy a normale corsage and made these for me and my girl. So thanks for the great instructable.
I love duct tape and i have made qa duct tape with all sorts of stuff and i made $300 dollars so far and i am 15 this bouquet is my most popular thnak you so much!!!1
Very nice idea.. I'll try this once I get my own duct tape.<br><br>To anybody interested, i found this great website that has everything you can imagine about duct tape, check it out!<br><br>http://tapedcoats.zxq.net/
Like it, and the colors you used. Thinking about trying this with some patterned duct tapes, like the ones <a href="https://www.facebook.com/designerducttape">here</a>. The houndstooth pattern might be cool...
overall one of the best duct tape ibles i have ever seen and very creative but if I was a girl, I would think it being tied with wire around my wrist would seem uncomfortable
Very cool! I read another article where the makers of duct tape held a contest for teens to make their <a href="http://www.promgirl.net/" rel="nofollow">prom dresses</a> out of duct tape. The pictures were amazing! Some were really creative.
looking at the petals on a couple of the flowers, it looks like you doubled the petals (covered a petal again) to make the petals more colorful and also with a bit more mass to it; did you do that?<br />
I added white tape to the edges of some petals to get a white trim. <br />
i made one for my mum and she thought it was beautiful and a work of art, thanks for the instructable without it i would never haver figgued out how to do it!! cheers
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Alright, thanks!
I am going to a Twilight "Prom" at the public library, and I am so totally going to make this. Thanks for the great instructable. -Goes to buy duct tape-
I like this better than the Duct tape Rose 'ible, because the assembly photos were more complete. +1
Thank you. I once saw the Duct Tape Rose one, but it was a little vague and confusing, which is why I took as many photos as I could during assembly.
Wasnt this already posted?
Duct tape flowers have been posted, corsages have been posted, but <em>duct tape corsages</em> have never been done. <br/>
Wow! I wish I'd seen this before my school's formal... cos back then I had a gf who would have loved it! And her mum must be pretty damn cool to have actually appreciated a corsage made of duct tape! Great instructable, and an absolutely amazing idea.
Super cool. I gotta get me some more Duct Tape!
Very nice - what was the reaction to it at the wedding? L
Twas for a prom, but everyone loved it.
I know duct tape flowers have been done before, but this is the sweetest idea. That picture of you holding hands with the corsage makes the whole ible. Making duct tape flowers is easy, when compared to finding a girl that respects, and enjoys your creative duct tape infused side.
Heh. Thanks a lot. Yea, finding the girl for the corsage was the tricky part, but her (and surprisingly her mother) loved it.

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