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There are several useful methods for multiplying.

This one is one of the most space-consuming, but is also one of the easiest, as it only requires you to know your tables up to 9x9.  This makes it especially useful for KS2 or less-able KS3 students (age 9+)

The rest is adding.

Step 1: The grid method.

Picture of The grid method.
The method has several names, but is most often called the grid method.

To multiply two numbers together, the numbers are first broken down into their component place-value chunks.

For instance, let us multiply 47 by 68.

"47" is actually "40 + 7" and "68" is "60 + 8".

These numbers are written into a grid, as in the illustration below:
great kiteman! is this a variant of the lattice method?
ok.can anybody explain me that how to salvemath problem for kids
Kiteman (author)  mynameisjonas6 years ago
No - that linked method looks like a variation of Napier's Bones.
Gjdj36 years ago
Nice! This is a really cool method.
Kiteman (author)  Gjdj36 years ago
It's supposed to be for kids who can't do the traditional "columns" method, but it is popular with all our kids, and I have even caught our head of maths using it.
I used this method for my maths GCSE yesterday - but I had been told it wasn't the 'right' way - so I did the other method next to it
Kiteman (author)  xilefakamot5 years ago
As long as both methods gave the same result...
They did ... luckily :)
heh, when I was a kid, I never paid attention in class, and came up with my own way of multiplying that was very similar

x 47



I got points taken off for not doing it right :-(
Kiteman (author)  aztennenbaum6 years ago
The current policy in the UK in my school in my lessons is "if it works, it works".

I don't mind how you get to the right answer, as long as you know how you got there, and could get there again.
gmjhowe Kiteman6 years ago
I normally find the right answer, then it runs and hides from me.
ReCreate6 years ago
You forgot If all fails, Just use a calculator.
skunkbait6 years ago
OoooOh! I thought this was an ible about unprotected......... Nevermind.
Kiteman (author)  skunkbait6 years ago
Leave it to the clergyman to make this about procreation!
Kiteman (author)  skunkbait6 years ago
(Maybe I could leave it to the clergyman to lead the voting?)
SoapyHollow6 years ago
Wow, I've never seen it done that way. But then...I was a liberal arts major. ;)
Nice one! Ive never seen this type of multiplying... Its very cool. You got my vote!
Kiteman (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
Thank you!
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Nice job of 'splaining things.