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As if I needed yet another hobby, I got interested in gold prospecting several years ago. My travels around the West often took me to old mining towns and mine sites where the pioneers had made a living by pulling the yellow stuff out of the ground. Eventually I got the bug too. Gold fever is a terrible thing. There is no known cure. It leads you to work harder on your vacations than you do in your normal working life, and all you have to show for is a little dirty, yellow metal.

The principal behind gold panning is really simple. Gold is heavy. Just about everything else is lighter. If you load a pie-pan shaped container with gold-bearing gravel and sand, proper agitation in water should cause the gold to sink to the bottom, while washing away the lighter stuff that rises to the top. Eventually, all that is left in your pan is the heaviest minerals, including (hopefully) some gold. It really is about that simple. Of course there is more to the story than that.

More photos and details can be found on my web site at http://www.mdpub.com/prospecting/

Step 1: Equipment Needed for Gold Paning

Picture of Equipment Needed for Gold Paning
First off, you are going to need some equipment. This photo shows about the bare minimum of equipment you need to be a successful gold panner. I bought a lot of my equipment on Ebay. The rest came from the hardware store. None of it is difficult to find or terribly expensive.

Start with the water-proof boots. Gold panning is done in the water, usually icy cold mountain streams. You'll want to keep your feet dry. Some nice warm socks (maybe a couple of pairs) also helps to keep your feet warm in that cold water.

The green thing is the gold pan. There are lots of different types of gold pans. They all work. so don't spend too much time obsessing over getting just the right kind of pan. I buy my gold pans on Ebay since there is nobody near me that stocks them, and it is usually the cheapest place to buy them.

Inside the gold pan is the sniffer bottle. It is used for sucking up little bits of gold out of your pan. More on that later.

The purple thing is a classifier, also known as a sieve or strainer. It is really optional, but I find it to be a great help. I'll talk about why later.

Next, you need some digging tools. A full-size pointed shovel will be real useful (remember what I said about this being hard work?). You'll also want a smaller spade and either an old screwdriver or some other skinny tool for cleaning out small cracks and crevasses in the rocks.

The small white plastic pail is used for collecting concentrates. You can use just about any sort of container for that. More on why this is important later.

Big five gallon buckets come in handy for lots of things. I usually carry several. You can pack a lot of the other equipment in them along with some water bottles and other supplies, and carry it all down to the creek. Once there, a bucket makes handy stool to sit on in the creek to do your panning and another serves to carry your paydirt from where you are digging it to where you are panning it.

Other nice to have accessories are gloves. A nice pair of rugged leather gloves to protect your hands from blisters while working the shovel and protect from cuts and scrapes while digging out cracks and crevasses with the smaller digging tools. Also a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cold water while panning. Also, a pair of tweezers to pick the larger bits of gold "pickers" out of your gold pan, and a glass or plastic bottle to put them in will come in real handy.

Naturally you'll want to take all the usual stuff you would take for any outdoor adventure in the wilderness. Things like a first aide kit, warm clothes, drinking water, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, etc.


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very nice idea ... good job

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Excellent ideas here, well done

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supperrbb Idea

Great plan, do you know of any gold places in the UK?

you gotaa look for them

great advice

boom man562 years ago
Where do I get the sand?

I am also have same problem with you. I can't find that sand.

Is this still a viable option to make some dough? Where in the US is there still gold to be had?

Hi Curated Quotes. I can't give you a detailed answer to your question because I have no experience and I don't live in the States. But panning for gold is very popular right now and I hear people are finding lots of it.

As for making some dough, you won't likely find enough to get rich, so don't quit your day job. But you might make a couple hundred bucks now and then.

As for where to find gold, your best bet is to go where the gold is. Like the author of this Instructable said, find a place that has a history of producing "placer gold". The most gold is still found where it always has been, since the gold rush days. Do an Internet search for "gold panning in_____", whatever place you want to go, and see what turns up. Also, look for local clubs, or check with the geology department at a nearby college maybe.... Again, I don't live in the States so I really don't know how things work there. Just be mindful of your local laws and make sure you don't trespass or start digging on land you aren't allowed to dig on. Also, there may be limits on how much you are allowed to mine without a permit, and restrictions regarding environmental impact in certain areas.

Great info, thanks for sharing. It definitely sounds like hard work, something I am allergic to, but might be willing to endure if I knew it would pay off. I am too far away from any good prospecting areas to make it worthwhile at the moment. Also, it is prohibited by law here to sell anything you find if you are just doing it as a hobby (here being Ontario, Canada).

I was just doing some research because my husband has been watching "Gold Rush" on TV and has a slight case of gold fever at the moment. I thought it might be fun to go out panning sometime. And also a good way to cure him of the fever. Once he sees how much work it takes to get a few little specks of gold, he won't be so interested anymore.

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Wow, awesome.

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very nice collection :-)

CxXxC5 years ago
I have a question I live by an old mine tailings and wonder ing ig there would be any gold in there

Metal detect, use a garden rake, pull down an inch or so and run your detector over it. Also pan washes leading away from tailings piles. Floating dredge tailings lost small gold but also lost big nuggets due to the size classifications they were after. Mine tailings could be rock piles waiting to be run through the stamp mill. I know where a huge pile of quartz rocks is in the woods that assey's at a 1/4 ounce per ton. A rock crusher can make you some gold in such a situation.

thepelton CxXxC5 years ago
Probably, but not guaranteed. The old miners 150 years ago were more interested in the individual nuggets (2mm or larger) than in the dust, and would pass up or even throw away stuff we would love to get today. You would probably be finding gold dust.
=///////===============> - How much can You buy an Ol' Huntin' Rifle for...HAR.!
What that doesn't make sence
You can only find in those old Tailings ==> "Whatever You can Get" > = FIND..?.! An OLD Saying. I've looked at those Old Tailings too, didn't have the "time".. tho. A company did go thru the Gold Tailings of a played out mine just out of town here, It kept a crew with machenery, Back Hoe, "Sluce Mill", Etc, at work for a couple years or so. In the 70's. The Brook Trout tasted fine all the while, and still do.
Foxtrot70 CxXxC5 years ago
I would think the tailings would have some product in it as to how much is another question should be more than chancing shovel fulls of dirt from a stream. The problem(s) I see might be: securing permissions to gain entry to the property, what percentage, if any, the land owner would expect; liability insurance, etc. Don't mean to throw a damper on things just some items for thought.
woody5583 years ago

Besides the ridges, the pan looks just like a plate. Would it be possible to pan for gold with a plate or maybe even a pie tin???

The 49er's had no riffles. Supposedly Chines miners beat riffles into theirs . My first gold pan was a wok. In South America they carve pans from wood with no riffles. They call them batea's.(floating wood is a good idea) Gold pans are cheap and easy to find today. I saw some the other day at Cabella's store. Ebay,Keene engineering and GPAA are some online sources. My favorite pan is the Keene SP14. I never liked classifiers. Too much to carry when "suspecting or gold". (Big ten) makes great maps to put you on the gold. You will find gold with a pie tin if it's there.

this wont get you much because most of the gold on the surface was grabbed during the gold rush

I have over 20 years experience prospecting and mining. Only a fraction of the gold on the surface has been gotten. And more washes out of the Earth every day.
The "gold rushes" were a funny thing. They boomed up and quickly died out as rumors of new richer ground came up. The East coast stopped mining gold during the Civil war after free slave labor ended. Then mining picked up after the great depression. Only to be stopped by WW II by law and loss of workers. The price of gold prevented another "gold rush" until recently when gold shot to 1800 an ounce.
I can go right now and pan a nugget or 2 in a few minutes at a creek that has been heavily mined. I could dredge an ounce in a week from this same played out creek.
There's plenty of gold still out there. And very few willing to work to recover it.

not true gold resurculates and there is just as much gold on the surface now then there was in the gold rush
that is true

Thanks for the post. Gold prospecting is the best hobby I ever had. (I've had plenty) When roaming around looking for the best color I'd carry only my SP14 gold pan, a pointed shovel and a sucker or snuffer bottle with a string tied around it so it hangs just below mid chest.
I'd move quick sampling every place that looked good. Some of my best gold was found where there shouldn't be any. (rivers shift course) Make sure to get to thick clay and gravel. But break up the clay well. (grey or blue clay in my area is best)
Some say the surface gold is gone. This is a myth. over 80% of it remains undiscovered and replenishing areas previously thought to be played out.
It's hard work. But if you like fishing, you'll love gold prospecting. (Don't ignore the treasure found in swimming holes either.) Good luck and God bless.

Sorry if I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but how would you fare selling the native gold on the scrap market?
Schmidty163 years ago
sluicin gis easier
Schmidty163 years ago
there need to be more prospectors on here
The one thing you'll learn about panning for gold is once you start it's hard to quit. I have found it to be relaxing and a definite escape from hustle and bustle of the concrete work world where all your stress resides. Take your family and enjoy the outdoors as we have somehow forgotten our roots. We began in the wild and to the wild we should return if only to help repair the damage we have done over time. Speaking of damage, when you do visit the outdoors always leave it cleaner than when you first arrived, everyone will appreciate it a lot more when they visit. When you begin as a novice, you can pick up tips from everyone and believe me everyone will happily tell you their way and there are many ways to accomplish the same task, get gold. By the way...less than 10% of all the gold on earth has been recovered so a LOT is still out there waiting you to find it and catch more of the gold fever! There is a wide variety of equipment to assist the modern day gold panner or 49'er such as pans with and without riffles. Pans that have built in concentrators, pans that are round, triangular, octoganal, metal, and plastic. Each pan must be cured before its use to reduce surface tension. You can use shovels, pick axes, suckers, there is a lot of specialized gear to use depending upon the situation. Concentrates for example can be recovered using all kinds of tools and techniques. If the idea of going out gold panning doesn't get you...the price of gold is over $900 an ounce. So if by chance you just get beginners luck and end up with a gold nugget near an ounce...that's a pretty good days work versus what you would have to do all week long at work. There are many benefits to gold panning of which the biggest is bringing the family together to have fun.
and also to you list of items... add a couple more empty buckets, they're not heavy and having an extra one either to sit on, carry other items, concentrates, trash collected and cleaned from the water/gravel/dirt, like lead sinkers, bullets, broken glass, plastic and rusty metal... not only helps the environment, but could also be worth a little money from recycling it.
about collecting concentrates to pan out later, another reason to work that way, is all the changes the government is trying to make about prospecting and being in the out doors in general. They're trying to make it more difficult and even illegal to prospect, So the less time your out there, the less time you have for a run in with egg headed eviromentalist or law enforcent, rangers or even fish and game officials, which have nothing to do with mining or even access to public lands.
moreforles6 years ago
While not an expert in any way shape or form, one thing I can suggest about prospecting is.... While out in gold bearing areas, process all the material you can, pan down to when you see mostly black sand, the empty your pan into a bucket, and finish panning it when you get back home and have more time. In theory, the more material you go through, the more gold your likely to find. If you don't happen to live near a gold rich area, in fact even if you do, gather all the concentrate you can. It doesn't matter if your using a gold pan, sluice box, high banker, trommel, dredge or metal detector, gather all the material you can while your out there.... And when at home or else where doing your finish panning, pan into a tub, save your concentrates, go through them again when your bored, there's a lot of gold still in it, even after you don't see it in your pan. Plus the black sand can be worth something in itself, from landscaping, shadow boxes, black sand hour glasses...etc. Also after the items already shown the next item you might want to add to your tools, is a metal detector, even a cheap one is better than none at all. but spend as much as you can afford, you can always get another, but if you get a decent one to start with, you can get a lot of use from it before you need to replace it. As for which one to get, I'm still wondering that myself.
I'm not an expert neither but I completely agree , no one would sleep that night thinking of gold gone back in the river while panning . The biggest part of the whole process is to find the spot and get rid of boulders, roots and gravel, wash away dirt and see the black magnetite and and red garnets concentrating . A good magnet, may be from an old hard disk, in some kind a plastic box will help quick checking for magnetite and get rid of it after. Anyway I keep that stuff because I want to melt it some day in some thermite mix Magnetite as garnet is just quite heavy that's all , you're not looking for iron ore but black sand is a good signal indeed in most areas. I suggest a high power goldsmith lens and a low power pocket microscope to examine very thin sediments and whatever.
Aron3133 years ago
Where do you live that you are getting the gold?
tnt.thomas5 years ago
No one worried about the environmental damage caused by panners going too far, adding silt to rivers? Hmmm, if I put up an 'ible about hunting I'd get run out on a rail. But silting up rivers, no big. Food for thought. Oh bit offended by flaming owl pic for a Canadian... I am Canadian... with lego robot as my pic. Should it be Molsons??? Pffft!
I am reading "The Forgotten North" by Coates and Morrison. Good example on a grand scale of how our mindset creates bias and suddenly if it is our behaviour, it is fine.

the amount of silt associated with this small scale of panning for gold is rediculously minute compared to other means of silt making its way down the river...such as surges from rain and snow (if applicable)
Or at least a beaver
=///////===============> - How many feet do You think it takes for the silt to settle...? ==> ogPanning isn't Hydrolyic or something, Huggies.! G-G
jsean3 years ago
A video from Mama's Minerals

How to Pan For Gold - courtesy of Mama's Minerals and GPANM.org


Lots of great info & www.MamasMinerals.com sells panning and prospecting equipment and sand with gold in it. Enjoy!
jhonny6 years ago
Is it better if the pan has more ridges?
A pan with ridges will help you get more gold out, but you can still do it with a plain smooth sided pan. I think it is best to learn with a smooth sided pan, because you may not always have the tools you wish to have. I have actually successfully panned for gold with a Frisbee. Yes, I said Frisbee.
Hey, we're running a contest and your skills look like they could make you a contender for the prize...

Here are pictures of the only place I think there may be gold. What do you think?
Rushing river 1.jpgRushing river 2.jpgRushing river 3.jpgRushing river 4.jpg
I don't know about gold, but these pictures sure show beautiful country ! …
Welcome to Canada :-)
Thank you … I remember traveling to Montreal and from there to the US via the northen shore of Lake Superior and then to Duluth and Minnesota … 
It was way way back (1971 ?… good gosh) and it was beautiful. I still have some images that pass through my mind ! … 
Be aware that around Ontario the were once (and may still be) Uranium mines... and Uranium is very heavy too, although you'd normally only find it as ore rather than metal... you 'may' be panning in among (natural) low-level radioactivity. Wikipedia mentions Uranium in the area around Elliot Lake. My wife is Canadian and they used to mine uranium close to her home alongside Lake L'Amable too, when she was small. A bit of local knowledge might avoid 'unfortunate' finds...
Many thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
Only place I can get to*
Rushing river 1.jpgRushing river 2.jpgRushing river 3.jpgRushing river 4.jpg
In the picture taken in the winter, it appears that the current of the creek is running away from you. In that case, I would be panning the sand on the far side of the rocks.
i would have to say avoid the fast moving streams, as it does not give the gold time to fall to the bottom.
There are slower parts of that river though, and lots of eddies...
Unless a creek has been paved and made arrow straight by the Army Corps of Engineers, there are going to be eddies. A good place to look is on the downstream side of rocks. The downstream side of occaisionally submerged tree trunks would work too. Also, if you are in an arid area, such as the southwest United States, you can pan for gold in areas where there had been water, and look in areas such as I said for black sand gold concentrates.
Is that i PA?just wondering
No its in Ontario.
i mean by "oh,Oh,OHHHHH!!!" because i dident see your username,lol
Oh... Yeah lol
Hence his username, I_am_Canadian :p
soad22 soad226 years ago
mdavis19 (author)  I_am_Canadian6 years ago
Can't tell from just the photos. Not all streams have recoverable amounts of gold. What is the name of this river, and does it have a history of gold mining?
mdavis19 (author)  minerknife6 years ago
mdpub.com is my web site.
thats hilaruos. he blames without knowing a thing. then the truth comes
i am amazingly scared
fwjs28 sev176 years ago
attack of teh script kiddie who can't even spell before...*sigh* , what has the computer world come to...
It is a stream coming of dogtooth lake in southwestern ontario. It is in a public park. I dont know if there is gold mining around here, but there are many mines about 100km west of the place in question.
Panning is low impact. You might draw unfavorable attention to yourself if you brought in a big motorized high banker, but a pan... I don't see any problem unless someone objects. The worst they could do is tell you to try somewhere else.
Hey man. I actually live in Toronto :) a fellow Canadian hahaha. I was just wondering where is dogtooth lake? Gotta ask, have you heard of any places near Toronto?
I dont think so. But you can have a look at this map, its at the tiny blue square.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/rush-maps.html">http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/rush-maps.html</a><br/>
thepelton5 years ago
Here is the website: www.gpoc.com Hope to see someone else there next time we meet who used this link. 8>) Don Pelton
thepelton5 years ago
The old miners of 160 years ago were largely interested in the pieces they could pick up, such as those larger than say 3mm in size. Because of this, they were passing up a lot of the finer stuff that constituted, according to the President of the GPOC (Gold Prospectors of Colorado Springs) about sixty percent of the total gold present. There is even gold that is part of Iron Pyrite (Fool's Gold), but it needs sofisticated machine methods to separate. The Gold Prospectors of Colorado Springs meet the second Wednesday of every month at the Elks Club on North Nevada.
Skater_j105 years ago
I've been on this Gemstone, mineral, and precious metal kick for a little while now and I was very curious to how gold is panned, thanks for sharing all your tricks of the trade! I was very impressed with your instructable because I think it answered every question I had.
Can you get any money for that gold? If yes, how much?
Do you have to go to a special creek or can you do it wherever ? How can you find a creek where there's gold ?
Reece 245 years ago
wow thanks! what grate info. is sure beets getting gold from electronics!
you have to be careful when panning near a mine, especially and old one from the early 1900's because back then they used to use mercury to separate gold from there material and alot of it fell into the creeks, streams, and all over the ground, they used mercury because gold is attracted to mercury. many times when prospecting near and old abandoned mine you will find in you concentrates small silver specks. these specks are fine pieces of gold that the mercury has attached itself to. i myself have a small vial filled with mercury coated gold. i keep them because there is a way to separate the two but it is a very complicated (and dangerous) process. so be careful.
amp135 years ago
do you know of any good places in northern california? is it better to get closer to the mountains?
rickym5 years ago
Gold! Gold! There be gold in that river! To bad I live in Texas were only oil can be found thanks to BP and Alex
black gold
wanamoka5 years ago
Watch Rough Sciece- the gold rush series. They mine for Mew Zealand gold. Very interesting series. Look it up PBS broadcasting.
StickMaker5 years ago
YES! I agree. GOLD PANNING has been my fascination for many years to the point where I taught weekend workshops at rivers on how to do it. All my details are on my site: sticksite dot com slash gold_panning slash or http://www.sticksite.com/gold_panning/ if that is allowed here.
skipmcomber5 years ago
As a new paner, can anyone point out where to get maps in California showing streams that were gold producing and what type of land they sit on? I would like to know a resorce list to call or e-mail to determine access restrictions on public lands that encompass these streams.
google GPPA    and  gold in california
 are you good at maths? how many decimal cents is one speck of gold?

I.E: 0.0000000000000000098

??????  If you can count your gold how much money could you get?
robdun5 years ago
I always wanted to gold hunt. Now I can, wait I have school. :(
jhonny6 years ago
So the gold will accumulate if u just leave it in a safe place for a long time?
mdavis19 (author)  jhonny6 years ago
I wish! The gold only accumulates if you keep panning for it. There is no free lunch.
i realize you dont want to say where this is, and thats fine, but is it anywhere near congress or prescott? and if it is, is it near the trailsend mine?
Jaycub6 years ago
There is a place called Squire Creek not to far from where I live and thre are flakes of stuff that look like gold all over near the edge of the creek. But it is magnetic, does that mean that it is just iron pyrite?
Do most streams contain at least a little gold? Or is it mostly in the mountains? I want to try this but... Im in the praries :-(
The general "rule" of where to find gold is, frustratingly, "gold is where you find it." I've heard of gold being found in flatlands, mostly sitting atop the soil rather than under it. This is how the Australian gold rush started, right after the California gold rush.
ok thanks. I guess I will have to wait for another arizona holiday then :-(
Not necessarily. If you find gold anywhere, that gold is where you found it. It's more likely to be found in some places than in others, but you just never know. They say only 20% of the earth's gold has been found, leaving 80% still to be discovered :)
Most rivers around where I live are todally mud, so I think Im out of luck. I will try at Rushing river though...
i found this one stream that i want to try,problem is that it is deep and its a waterfall crrek :p
why do u want to find gold in a waterfall??? do u think there are any sunk pirate ships? :-P
like i said 9 months ago,lol, here is the picture
i get pictures in spring :-p lol
if i had pictures u would know what i mean,btw lol
I would say use rubber boots, and hope you can tolerate cold water.
soad22 soad226 years ago
how big should the river be? i know one, thats 10 - 50 cm deep and 0.5-2 metres wide. i think ill search there... ah and gold is not where u find it, gold is everywhere. but u have to find enough gold :-P
I think it will work, no problem. Just try it.
I dont know... I did not make this instructable.
but your Canadian with an owl for a picture!
What does that have to do with it?
hahahaah im sorry for laughin but this strain of the past 3 comments is just too funny for me
"but your Canadian with an owl for a picture!" that is the statement of someone either very closed-minded, a fool, or someone attempting humour. and your response of "What does that have to do with it?" just made me laugh. i really don't know why. hahaha
I have never heard of that being humorous.
well, now you have.
I dont get whats funny though...
I don't care about what's funny or not in this thread. All I know is the entire conversation is coming to MY inbox, and it's getting annoying. Can you guys argue elsewhere?
Im just wondering how far this thread will go?
how about i say that you guys/girls are overreacting and it was meant to be funny FUNNY!! now leave it be.
no lol
wooo makin the thread longer
sorry man. didnt mean to perpetuate the whole thing. i still cant understand how he cannot accept the fact that i found it funny.
You might still find something, but the closer you are to the mountains, the less pulverized the gold is. I have found it in streams within the city limits of Colorado Springs, CO, USA.
lil jon1686 years ago
can you use a pie pan cause i did and on my first time ever panning i found a buch of black sand but no gold i did about 10 washes but i got nuthin and has any one ever been panning in toccoa ga if not go there and try
I found gold using an overturned frisbee.
PATSY0016 years ago
Why don't you do it the totally "lazy" way? Just use a waterproof metal detector to find your "paydirt" I personally think that's what I'd do... even if it is cheating.
mdavis19 (author)  PATSY0016 years ago
I tried metal detecting first. All I ever found was bullets, nails, barbed wire, bits of aluminum foil and lots of rusted cans. Never even one speck of gold. I didn't start finding gold until I started panning, and later sluicing.
Sylkhr mdavis196 years ago
aluminum isnt magnetic, so you couldn't have found aluminum foil, neither is gold.
mdavis19 (author)  Sylkhr6 years ago
Metal detectors can locate any metal, magnetic or not. They sense the conductivity of metal, not it's magnetic properties. Many people have had great success using metal detectors to locate gold nuggets. I'm just not one of those people. So I stick to panning and sluicing for the most part.
is gold metal? just wondering because im going to the georgian mountians on dec. 5th! you may ask why but its butiful up there! me and my parents have a cabin we always go to. and there is tons of mines up there so im going to go and hope i get lucky!
Because metal detectors like that cost more than what one might find. I wish I could afford one of those.
There are only a couple of minor things wrong with your suggestion: 1. The bits are too small to be detected by any metal detector. 2. The bits are too small to be detected by any metal detector. I realize that they are both the same answer, but I thought it was so important that it was worth repeating. :P
With a slightly modified metal detector, you could adjust the current being applied to the electromagnet and thus, increase it's sensitivity, thus picking up extremely minute particles of metal (not necessarily gold...more likely other minerals dissolved in the water)
lil jon1686 years ago
UPDATE:to day i was panning in my creek and i found a picker!!!!!
Cool. One time it was May and were in the moutains near Conway camping and when we woke up it was snowing! I had a great time that day.
Is there gold in New Hampshire? ~_~
Yes, there are a couple streams near Conway that have produced gold. We're checking them out this summer. We have a place in Ossipee, and I remember my father taking us panning when I was very young. I've been watching Gold Fever on the Outdoor Channel for years. Time to head back to the NH streams.
creator 16 years ago
I live in Cuyahoga Falls OH, and the only water sources I have are the Cuyahoga river, and sand run, a little creek. Is there any possibility of find gold there?
lil jon1686 years ago
Thats a pretty good piece of gold but if u get a gold detector and go up in the mountains you can get huge pieces of gold if you can get to it. Dynamite maybe?
lil jon1686 years ago
omg u went from florida to arizona?!?!?!?!?!?!
hackmattr6 years ago
You should try Midwest Refineries. They take about 5% of the price, but they are more trustworthy than any jewelry store. I had 17grams of gold and took it to a jewelry store. The price would have been ruffly $380 at the current price. They offered me $130 for it(RIP OFF ARTIST). they looked like rip off artists and then before they said the price they talked to each other in another language even though they spoke perfect english. I said no, left and sent it to the refinery.
lemra46 years ago
Now that you know whare to find it can you work the site anyother way than panning?
There are alternatives, but usually you still have to pan in order to recieve all the small flakes. You can use a dry wash in order to narrow the amount of material to search through. A dry wash will go through more dirt than panning by hand. you still have to pan the dirt that was caught in the ribs of the drywash. I use this when I go to Arizona and prospect with my uncle. If your lazy at panning then theres a device thats called GOLD MAGIC. this is a pan that is hooked to a motor that turns the pan while you feed the dirt into it. The gold and black sand will travel to the center and the other material will fall out of the pan. This is only good for very small nuggets and flakes. If you had this I still would recommend going through the material that it rejected with a pan. I use this in the rivers in Northern California or down here in southern California. Either way you still use a pan to find the flakes that are easily missed.
can u easly make a gold melting soldering iron and melt that into a line of gold solder with a little bit of solder in it to make it stick beta and that would be a way to get prices in what u make and sell by the gold in it. and do u have enought gold for how much $$$$ because i might by it off u for $10 more than ur correct price and it isnt to much of the $$$
The_Beast6 years ago
Is there a place online that could tell you if there is gold in your state?
Yep. The best one (of course you have to pay) is goldmaps.com However, you can contact your local department of natural resources or just google it. I live in S.C. and there are alot of sites in my area. Here is an important bit of information though. DONT TRESSPASS. You'll find that many of the mines are private property, and are very dangerous to traverse. If the site is state owned, you should be able to explore, however there are restrictions on what you can do. Just check with your local laws and such.
Hey can you message me if you do find a site?
I've look but can't really find anything good, try good I know Wisconsin (where I live) doesn't have very much gold so I'm SOL
caobas6 years ago
That was great! I tried panning for gold in a mountain stream about 500' above sea level in the Dominican Republic. I did it with my son just for fun, and after about 3 hrs of shovelling and panning we gave up. An old lady told us there is no gold in this stream ( thanks, where was she 3hrs ago?) she told us where we could go and try, but it was too far. Next trip down we plan on trying again, it would have been more fun if we found a shiny stone though.
NetReaper6 years ago
ill try using magnets to catch gold
Gold isn't magnetic.
BEAST146 years ago
I have a question, about how much is the gold worth in the picture?
mdavis19 (author)  BEAST146 years ago
There were about 3 grams of gold in the vial at the time that picture was taken. The price of gold fluctuates , and it isn't pure gold. It has impurities like silver and copper in it. I figure around $70.
you mean for the first pic right?Q?Q? the last pic, the one with the vial like 1/3 filled is like 1,000 dollars!
HOLY CRAP!!! I've got to try this next time I go to the mountains....
the irony or whatever is that your user picture is of an explosion
StarBlades6 years ago
how do you know which rivers have gold in them? do you just go to a random river and pan for a while to see if you are lucky?
StarBlades6 years ago
wow thats so cool, i wanna go panning with you! but you live like 23323 miles away
ghaom6 years ago
You should be very careful that you are not on someone else's claim if you are in California, claim owners are still allowed to shoot claimjumpers first without having to ask any questions, though most will be asking what you are doing on their claim. And they will be well armed. Look for a pile of stones or a plastic or steel pipe or such that is being used to mark the claim which is also known as "patented land". The South West desert contains a lot of old worn out claims and undiscovered claims. And a "worn out" claim may be a vein that stopped and then started again just a few feet away.
" claim owners are still allowed to shoot claimjumpers first without having to ask any questions" NOT TRUE !!!!!! (In Calichekivornia) If you're seen leaving with a big brick of gold from someone's claim/ esp. if it's on or adjacent that same persons property.........WELL!!!!! you might want to wear some kevlar... (person has the right to defend themselves,their property, and anyone else they feel like defending. However I've been shot at just just for being near someone's property..... THreatened a lot None of these we're gold related (IMO) Below the low water mark in a navigable river is public land...........Some people think they own that stretch of the river and you have no rights even floating by
Portuboi6 years ago
Would you be likely to find gold in the area of Ottawa,Canada?
jasontimmer6 years ago
how long did it take you (say how many hours) to accumulate the gold in the vial in the last picture?
I think I've been to that place, or one a lot like it. You can pan for fun at Laurel Caverns in southwest PA, but I think their setup is more for gemstones.
andrew136 years ago
this is actually really fun. i was taught how to do this in oregon thinking it was something older people do but it was actually surpisingly fun!!!!!
do u think i can find some in pensylvania? my freind owns 500 acres it is a giant mountail it has a few streams in it then i have a big natural pond that is spring fed and a stream next to that thats also spring fed and also fed by the pond and that goes to my neibors pond
static6 years ago
The only gold that I know can be found in Kansas is fool's gold. Panning for gold sounds like an interesting alternative, if you can find where the fish are biting. Fishing would be the only reason I would make the 6 -7 hour drive to the continental divide in Colorado. Anyway I good instructable, I read things about panning that I hadn't read before. Good luck on your next time out...
oodava6 years ago
I want to go panning now! (And living all around the placer deposits has its benefits...hehehe....)
indeepknit6 years ago
This instructable makes me happy. I love panning for gold, but don't get time to do it as often as I'd like. I keep panning supplies in my car "just in case" :)
buzz2396 years ago
Living in Illinois kind of makes it tough to do this. I don't know, dig up the back yard and run the hose?
n8man6 years ago
Awesome Instructable. I have been gold panning too and if I remember right the black sand is Iron but just to be sure you can check it out yourself the next time you go panning.
puzzlefreak6 years ago
That is one cool hobby. I'll need to research that a bit more. 5, and well deserved.
CarStalkerZ6 years ago
do you think there is any gold in Rhode Island cause im not sure but if so tell me
peguiono6 years ago
There use to be this awesome place called the ponderosa ranch where you could watch western skits,get gifts from the general store, have pancake breakfasts, and you could pan for gold. it closed like 2 or 3 years ago though. anyways nice Instructable ;]
I always wanted to try this, after watching the Gold Fever Show http://outdoorchannel.com/shows/goldfever.aspx I was thinking of joining the GPAA and go on one of their gold prospecting adventurers.
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Too bad you can't become a milionare off of this :(
True but its a fun hobby that works for you. Gold is pretty high at the moment and panning is an awesome way to spend an afternoon.
BEAST146 years ago
Awesome Instructable, I want to try this,...soon
Plasmana6 years ago
This is an really good instructable! I will try gold panning one day... 5 stars!