Step 7: Clean Out Your Snuffer Bottle and Enjoy Your Gold

Picture of Clean Out Your Snuffer Bottle and Enjoy Your Gold
Once I have extracted all the gold I can from the black sand, it's time to clean up the contents of my sniffer bottle. I clean out my pan and then dump the contents of the sniffer bottle into it. I then again use the magnet to separate out the black sand that got sucked up with the gold. Then I suck the now clean gold back into the sniffer bottle and transfer it to a storage vial. The first photo shows one of my gold vials containing all the pickers, flakes and dust found from only one morning out on my secret little panning creek. Not bad for a morning's work. Ok, so I'm not getting rich, but I am having a lot of fun. It's also good exercise. And the gold adds up over time. With gold around $900 an ounce, it really starts adding up.

Give gold panning a try. I'll bet you'll have lots of fun doing too.

More information on gold panning and prospecting can be found on my web site at http://www.mdpub.com/
Do you have to go to a special creek or can you do it wherever ? How can you find a creek where there's gold ?
jasontimmer6 years ago
how long did it take you (say how many hours) to accumulate the gold in the vial in the last picture?