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Most people know how to use a keyboard (if you're here, there's a good chance your one of them), but it seems like very few people know how to clean one (Again, if you're here, it's probably you). So today I'm going to show you how to do an in-depth cleaning of your keyboard. This involves taking your keyboard apart, so if you're not comfortable with this i suggest you stick to the "shake and vacuum" method of cleaning.

Please note that while I show a corded keyboard here, you can follow these steps with a cordless keyboard as well.

Step 1: Open The Keyboard

Picture of Open The Keyboard
The first step to cleaning a keyboard is to get it apart. To do this just flip it over and remove the screws in the back. Remember "lefty loosie, righty tighty". Do not lose the screws! The best idea is to keep them someplace they can't just roll away, like this bottle cap.

After they're all out you'll have to carefully pry apart the two halves of the keyboard. They may be stuck together pretty well, so don't be afraid to use A BIT of force. The best way to do it, is to pry open one corner and then work your way around the keyboard.

*TIP: Don't pry the keyboard open on your lap. When it opens all the dirt that's inside will fall out onto you.

*TIP: If you're trying to pry the keyboard open, and it seems to be "sticking" in one place, make sure you've removed all the screws. Be sure to check under the labels, and the rubber feet.
nicknack1716 years ago
you can actually put most normal keyboards in the dishwasher. but you have to let it air dry so that it doesnt melt. just dont go putting a a gaming keyboard like a logitech g15 in there. that would wreck the screen
damn! aw man thats the keyboard i have that ive been looking for a cleaning method besides taking it apart, i knew the screen would bugger it up some how
ya i love my g15 but i cant figure out how to clean it either
Well, I'm not really feeling well about taking apart my G15 either (or putting it in the dishwasher)
A lot of dirt is on the sides of the keys, I managed to pry some out before so I think I'm gonna do that to clean it.

Also, the bar under the spacebar (and for the G15, under the shift key ) isn't to make it spring back. It's to make it stable, if you press the right side, the left side goes down also. Without the "spring" it would be wobbly and you'd need to press the middle of the spacebar to make it respond. (So many keyboards at school have this... And teachers keep screaming at me when I pry them out to fix the bar)
Arcticpheonix (author)  craig36 years ago
Besides, following something like this and taking it apart, you're best bet is probably just to get a can of compressed air and a vacuum, and have at it.
that actually does NOT work that well
slaphappy6 years ago
A family friend told us to take the keyboard in the shower with us and then let it air dry. It worked great!