Step 5: Putting It All Back Together

Picture of Putting It All Back Together
Keyboard back.jpg
Once you have cleaned and dried all the keys it's time to put your keyboard back together.
First you have to put all the keys back into their proper positions (you do remember where that is don't you). To do this, simply line each key up with the hole it left, and press it back into place. It will click when fully inserted. If you chose to remove the space bar, be sure to insert the spring properly. Unlike the other keys this one should spring back when pressed, even with the keyboard apart.

After all the keys are back in it's time to put the two halves back together. To do this, lay the half with the circuit boards on a hard surface, and place the half with the keys on top of it. Then gently press down on the top half, until it clicks together. Be sure to go all the way around the keyboard to make sure it's together properly. Once it is, flip the keyboard over and replace the screws (again, "Lefty loosie, righty tighty"). It's best to put the four corner screws in first, followed by the center before replacing any other screws. This is so the back won't bend and make other screws more difficult to get in.

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