Picture of How to download youtube videos
If you are a freqent watcher of youtube and you want to get some of the videos for your own then just follow these steps.
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Step 1: Were to download

There are 4 sites to choose from but they are all different

Step 2: Www.mediaconverter.org

Picture of www.mediaconverter.org
www.mediaconverter.org "on it you can download the video as any type of video file or a mp3 mp4 or any other kind of audio file but you can only download 5 files a day on it"

Step 3: Www.everymp4.com/en/

Picture of www.everymp4.com/en/
On this website you can download the video mp4 file which you need quick time or itunes to play but you can only download the video file.

Step 4: Http://vixy.net

Picture of http://vixy.net
On this website you can convert a video into a flv file or mp3 but i only downloads 3mb of it so it might not download the whole file

Step 5: Http://www.vconversion.com/

Picture of http://www.vconversion.com/
On this website you need a fast connection and it can convert the videos to about anything but you need a fast connection.