Picture of How to throw a card
This is how to throw a playing card.
the components you will need are below.

a few cards, patience and PRACTICE!

Step 1: How to hold the card

Picture of How to hold the card
icard (2).JPG
icard (3).JPG
Firstly hold the corner of the card in between your first and second fingers.
As in the imamge below

Also as in the second picture, curl you two last finger down beside the card. And the bottom corner of the card rested against your palm.
ffsman4 years ago
ffsman4 years ago
Mr.Magic5 years ago
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sulfur6 years ago
WOW This instructable is realy COOL and FANTASTIC!! Great job!
quesoman6 years ago
nice instructable. i threw a card at my backpack and it bounced off then landed on my window sill....i need to go get it!
0.9.3906 years ago
This instructable worked fantastic!
that is the best i ever learned thanks!!!!!!!!!5 stars for excellence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CarpetGnome6 years ago
Very helpful and good documentation, I throw a bit differently, with my index finger holing the card's edge, but this seems easier to get accuracy.
hojop25 (author)  CarpetGnome6 years ago
hojop25 (author) 6 years ago
I really hope this instructable helps you! :D