Step 10: Flowers

A lot of different flowers!! Now teal is not a naturally occurring colour in flowers, (watch someone prove me wrong now!), so the teal gerberas in the church displays are silk flowers. Pauline, a friend, did the pedestal display, along with the window displays (using silver spray painted vases from Ikea!), and the porch display. She mixed real white roses and carnations (and spikey names I don't know the names of!) with the gebera, to create a stunning display, whilst also being vibrant!

Me and my mum made the bouquets, which were all artifical. It was easier to get them perfect with silk flowers, and we went with the supernatural look, by adding in blue roses. We also used diamente pins and sprigs in diifferent colours to tone in with the Bridesmiads fabric. My bouquet was naturally a little larger, and centred with a large lacey white rose. We bound all the bouquets using the same teal and organza ribbons as before, leaving bits to trail decoratively. We also found some teal/peacock blue feathers which we incoporated. Putting the flowers togther was fairly simple, we just kept to the magic numbers of 1, 3, 5 and 7. bunches in these numbers, and you can't really go wrong.

Mum then made the corsages and button holes. There is a picture of my Grandma wearing one of the ladies' corsages, and then a close up of Jake's button hole. 
That's awesome..well done x
it's absolutely beautiful!! :)
I love this!
That blue is amazing!!
<em>The first and most important thing is to choose your <strong>spouse</strong> wisely. This needs to be done first, then everything else seems to fall into place!<br /> </em><br /> Best of luck to you both.
very wise :-) I should add another step... or do another instructable about love...
...have you seen the list of guides to the right of the page?<br /> <br /> First one... <em>babies!</em><br />
and..<em>.5 minute projects!</em><br />
Ouch.&nbsp; Too soon, in all senses!<br />
The honeymoon is not over...until she says so.<br />
<a href="http://xkcd.com/674/" rel="nofollow">Hehe!</a><br />
haha<br />
your Tiara is Stunning. I love the idea with the crystals in your hair. im trying to make something like that for my hair :) <br>You looked stunning:)
thanks - i thought it turned out ok - especially as i havent done beading before! I hope your wedding goes well - would love to see some pics ;-)
Me and my mom are busy making purple waist coats for my wedding, I love how yours came out. :)
yay - purple is a great colour!
Your wedding is so beautiful! I would have never known anything was handmade, especially the tiaras and the cake.
I got married last year and this favour idea would have been perfect! We did mini spice jars with a wax seal on the top <br>What a lovely wedding, and it looks like it was fun too! <br>Congrats!
&nbsp;Your tiara is beautiful!!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Thankyou! ;-)
&nbsp;I love how creative you are! Congrats on the wedding. May I ask, who makes those shoes? They are very cute.<br /> <br /> Much appreciated.<br />
&nbsp;Hey,<br /> <br /> Thankyou!<br /> <br /> The shoes were an ebay purchase, but they are made by Lulu Guinness. RRP around &pound;300, but were a steal at &pound;30!! THey were my something Old, as I bought them to go with a dress of the same colour, but they just happened to tie in with the wedding theme too!<br /> <br /> Cheers,<br /> <br /> R-H<br />
I can only hope that if I go through a marriage in my life, that it can be as awe inspiring as some of the images you've shown us!<br />
Good for you!&nbsp;But u didn't mention, was it a homemade ring?<br />
Beautifully done. I can't wait for mine!<br />
A toast:&nbsp; let's hope that this was a VERY&nbsp;great and exciting day and that it will soon become dwarfed by each new and exciting accomplishment you two share in the coming years. <br /> <br /> In other words, it may have been the happiest day of your life....<small>so far</small>....but may the happiness only increase as you grow towards one another. <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
its not safe to meet someone you meet on the internet!
she's amazing...!<br /> <br /> did you build the stand, or what?
Haha, congratulations!
3000th comment!&nbsp; (well, including the comments from your past name, more than 10,000)<br />
I am even more gutted I couldn't make it, this looks like a fantastic day.&nbsp; I'm amazed at your ingenuity in keeping the theme going through the entire wedding, even down to making the guestbook out of the same fabric as the clothes.&nbsp; The happiness kit is sweet as well, some great ingenuity and the DIY ethos.<br /> <br /> All my best wishes to you both (again).&nbsp; <br /> <br /> <small>I even had a nice blue tie to wear.. <em>*sniff*</em></small><br />
&nbsp;Fantastic DIY wedding, I do say!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I really really like your home-made guest book, How did you make the padded cover?!<br /> <br /> (I reckon an instructable in it's own right!)<br /> <br /> Fabulous photos too!<br />
**here I'm all talking about me...<br /> <br /> Beautiful location you have, and you're right to want that style of dress!&nbsp;&nbsp;Suits you perfectly!<br /> <br /> One thing I&nbsp;wish we had thought of was assign someone to be a videographer.&nbsp; The speeches make 'ok' photos, but some of the roasts and toasts are too incredible to lose!<br />
Luna and I&nbsp;got married in May of this year - and we had a very similar mindset - do what we can ourselves, keep it simple, smallish, and make deals when we can.<br /> <br /> For 78 people ALL in we spent 11,000 CAD$ which included <br /> Venue (Country club, should have included a round of golf, doh) quite cheap with catered meal from same location.<br /> Catered full hot meal (gorgeous food that I&nbsp;couldn't eat because of my butterflies) ~30/plate = 2500<br /> mostly open bar (was supposed to be $2 bar but drunken father paid everyones tab) = probably around 2-3000<br /> Wife's dress&nbsp; ~700<br /> My suit ~550<br /> rentals (chairs) ~100<br /> Justice of the Peace and registration fees ~200<br /> String quartet ~200<br /> Cake (donated by friend of family baker) free<br /> Decorations (lights, table Centerpieces) ~200<br /> Flowers (last minue = paid bigtime to be arranged) I don't know but it was a lot<br /> Invites (facebook + paper invites +&nbsp;postage) ~50-100<br /> Outfitting some of the groomsmen with dress clothes, cost as much to rent so I&nbsp;bought them suits as my gift. ~500-1000<br /> Photographer, my uncle = free +&nbsp;copyright&nbsp;(woot), he's a pro photographer.&nbsp; Get a friend to do it if you can!<br /> Extra desserts -- wholesale food is a great place to get frozen delicious cakes and its cheaper than using the caterer. ~100<br /> Gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen (gold pens and jewelery, etc) 500<br /> I&nbsp;know I'm missing a lot of stuff, because it doesnt quite add up.<br /> <br /> <br /> I&nbsp;wanted to have half as many people and spend half as much, so it worked out quite nicely.&nbsp; I&nbsp;literally have 3 local family and 6 total including extended family from around the world. Between us we had about 25 mutual friends, Wife's side had the other 50ish people (BIG&nbsp;local family several generations)&nbsp; Beware of the guest list growing beyond what you want.&nbsp; Remember to invite everyone and their dog to the wedding, and the reception dance - but if money is tight you do not need to invite everyone for dinner; <br />
The web-site wasn't worth a mention then?<br /> <br /> L<br />
ahhh good point! I will add it in due course!<br /> <br /> thanks,<br /> <br /> Rainbow Han<br />
Wow, Derbyshire is beautiful&nbsp;:)<br />
&nbsp;Congratulations. I will be getting married next summer. We will be omitting the dress, bag, shrug and bridesmaids. Tuxedos and fag hags will do nicely, thank you. ;)<br /> <br /> Also, I want to try making some of these:<br />
Congratulations!&nbsp;Your wedding looks like it was a great one!&nbsp;
How lovely!&nbsp;Well done. Thanks for sharing!
Just reading this made me very happy. Congratulations to you both! Also, great guide! It's a nice way of saying &quot;Don't lose your head, do ONE thing at a time&quot;.<br />
The title- Is that a reference to your husband, or a genuine typo?<br />
It was worth marrying Jake just for the incredible line of instructables with punny titles you could make Hannah!<br /> <br /> Cool ible :D Looks like you had a great day.<br />
Oh, don't they look young?<br /> <br /> &gt;sob&lt;<br /> <br /> What a grand day - congratulations to you both - and well done on beating Jake to the actual ible!<br />

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