Step 10: Flowers

A lot of different flowers!! Now teal is not a naturally occurring colour in flowers, (watch someone prove me wrong now!), so the teal gerberas in the church displays are silk flowers. Pauline, a friend, did the pedestal display, along with the window displays (using silver spray painted vases from Ikea!), and the porch display. She mixed real white roses and carnations (and spikey names I don't know the names of!) with the gebera, to create a stunning display, whilst also being vibrant!

Me and my mum made the bouquets, which were all artifical. It was easier to get them perfect with silk flowers, and we went with the supernatural look, by adding in blue roses. We also used diamente pins and sprigs in diifferent colours to tone in with the Bridesmiads fabric. My bouquet was naturally a little larger, and centred with a large lacey white rose. We bound all the bouquets using the same teal and organza ribbons as before, leaving bits to trail decoratively. We also found some teal/peacock blue feathers which we incoporated. Putting the flowers togther was fairly simple, we just kept to the magic numbers of 1, 3, 5 and 7. bunches in these numbers, and you can't really go wrong.

Mum then made the corsages and button holes. There is a picture of my Grandma wearing one of the ladies' corsages, and then a close up of Jake's button hole.