Step 17: Favours

Picture of Favours

So heres a cheesey idea for wedding favours... The Happiness Kit! We found this idea on the web, and thought it was a bit more interesting than your standard sugar coated almonds! Jake printed off the text, using our logo and the same silvery paper we used for the invites. The text reads....

Happiness Kit
Eraser: To make mistakes disappear
A Rubber Band: To stretch yourself to the limits
A Coin: So you can never say you have no money
String: To tie things together when they fall apart
A Button: To press in case of panic
Marbles: Incase you lose yours
A Chocolate: To remind you of the finer things in life.

We got all these items in blue colours (mainly from ebay), and then stuffed them in silver organza bags. I then decorated a basket with the remaining trimmings I had, to hold the favours.

ciinandii4 years ago
I love this!
Kaycey14 years ago
I got married last year and this favour idea would have been perfect! We did mini spice jars with a wax seal on the top
What a lovely wedding, and it looks like it was fun too!