Just a meifwa walking around

Step 1: Easy Thing to Do

Just get a pencil and lightly make a circle and a dress not a real dress just a little stick man dress make some line arms and

Step 2: Then Start With the Hair

Step 3: Then Make the Face

Make two little circles for the eyes then make a little cat mouth

Step 4: Then Make the Little Cat Ears and Arms

You know how to make these

Step 5: Then Make the Body

Try to be a little creative with the clothes... unlike me

Step 6: Last... Make the Tail and Ponytail If It's a Girl

Just make a little.... you.... you know how to make dat
<p>ty! </p>
<p>I really love contest!</p>
<p>I should do dat!</p>
<p>Nice first Instructable. You should think about entering it in the First Time Authors contest.</p>

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