Do you have some 35mm photos slides and want to make prints but want to view them first?  If you don't have a slide viewer and don't want to buy one for just a one-time use to make your prints, here's a way to make a cheap slide viewer with stuff you have at home.

I'd like to apologize in advance for the poor photography, but I have an inexpensive camera and this is the best it can do.

Step 1: Go Scavenger Hunting in your home!

Step 1.

You probably already have these items in your home:

1.  An inexpensive flashlight.
2.  A used, clean margarine container with a cover that has no printing on it.
3.  Some lightweight cardboard or construction paper that is dark colored (black preferred) on one side and light colored (white preferred) on the other.
4.  Some Scotch tape.  It can be generic but I don't know what to call it besides Scotch tape!  lol.
5.  A pair of small scissors.
<p>this is great! Exactly what I was looking for... ThankyouK</p>

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