All you need for this is a computer some html/css knowledge and some time.

Step 1. download the zip file and extract it. open the files in a text editor such as notepad or notepad++

Step 2. Still learning html? no need to worry I linked references

Step 3. edit as you wish

Step 1: Download These Files

open in a text editor such as Notepad++

Step 2: Need Resources?

Here is a link to W3 schools a great way to learn coding
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<p>Check out my new site<a href="http://randomprojectguy.wix.com/rpg1" rel="nofollow"> http://randomprojectguy.wix.com/rpg1</a> (I didn't code it i'm still learning php and my sql.)</p>
this site is down I have coded my own site

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Bio: Just a Boy Scout that enjoys everything from welding to computers to working on a farm
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