Huawei E160X (Vodafone K3565) 3G dongle external antenna / casing


Step 13: The finishing touch

Picture of The finishing touch
Avery template L7165; an A4 sheet with 8 99.1x67.7mm stickers, provides a very good size for giving the finishing touch to your 3G modem. (PDF / Adobe Illustrator file attached.)
Modem 210 KB
Modem Label.pdf(595x842) 254 KB
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raftech3 years ago
hey man . i like u r project, and i want to say that i have already the same with my usb broadband dongle . good work man
dpestro3 years ago
Hey. I've read your tutorial step by step and I really like what you did here. The Model Label pdf is the nice touch that prove me you are a good person that like to do things in a right manner.

Hands up for ya man !!! Keep up the good work