Hubless Chopper From Turkey


Introduction: Hubless Chopper From Turkey



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    I wouldn't want to be on that thing when the bearings sieze.

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    and being on a regular bike when a bearing siezes is better, how? lol

    <p><img src=><p>Hubless is the new old cool

    Great concept I would love to learn how to make this! My only problem is this is not technically an Ible due to the fact there is no info on how to duplicate the product. Please update this with a how to section or remove it due to lack of information.

    So how do we make it?

    It looks like a pair of machined discs that are riding on the inside edges of the rim and are either set with a roller bearing assembly in the outer edges of the discs, or possibly the bearings are fixed in the rim at either side.

    Could use a little information about this.