This is was my first time using an Arduino or wiring anything. Unfortunately, all the materials used were not mine so I couldn't make it permanent. However, I though it was an effective, albeit expensive, way to make a bear react to a belly squeeze. It would also make an adorable gift if you had a little extra money and could maybe add sound. 

What you'll need.
-Arduino (If this was permanent I would suggest something other than the MEGA)
-flex sensors
-thread and needle
-hammer and nail
-something clear and plastic
-batteries or power source
-Teddy Bear

Step 1: Find a Stuffed Animal

I would suggest something with a belly to squeeze. The whole point is that its react well to the natural belly squeeze. It also has to be big enough to house the flex sensors, Arduino, and batteries. I would just make sure its big enough that an Altoid can could fit inside it with enough room to not be too noticeable.
Going to make something similar for my girlfriend.<br>It will use a tone library and play a special tune for her through.<br><br>After making this, what would you say is typical to see from the flex sensors in this arrangement?<br><br>I don't mean specific numbers, but typically will it come to rest after you stop squeezing the bear, does it seem to jitter or shift inside the bear over time?<br><br>I've never used flex sensors before, I don't know how stiff they are, or much about them at all.<br><br>I'm not sure if flex sensors would be best, but I can't think of anything that would be better.
lol its Tony Stark's Teddy-Bear...

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