Introduction: Huge Musical LED Cheshire Cat

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This Cheshire Cat was for my daughter's Alice in Wonderland Party!

Step 1: Making the Cat!

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This was done by gluing construction paper to cardboard.

I went with construction paper instead of just painting it, because I wanted the cat to look and feel more like the animation.

Step 2: The Branch!

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I made a huge paper mache branch for the Cheshire Cat to sit on.

I made the armature out of thick cardboard and real dried out sticks I found outside. I used heavy brown packing paper for the base of the paper mache and then paper towels for the top, to give a nice texture.

I glued fake moss into all of the nooks in the tree and used different shades of green construction paper for the leaves. I also found some keys and giant card at the dollar store to hang like ornaments and from the ceiling.

I ordered multicolored copper LED lights from Aliexpress to put in the tree. These lights came with a nice little remote and a variety of light modes.

This thing took a couple days to take down and dismantle. Totally worth it though!

Step 3: The Cat in the Tree!

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This was time consuming, but turned out awesome!

Check out the Cheshire Cat gift bags!

Step 4: The Lights!

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I have two RGB LED strips running around the back of the Cheshire on an IR sound sensor.

I hid Bluetooth speakers in the tree to play the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack too.

The IR sensor is far enough away that it doesn't activate on any other noises, just the speakers.

Step 5: Alice!

Picture of Alice!

We even had an Alice in Wonderland picnic!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-11-20

This is really nice. It would be perfect for the children's section of a library.

Thank you! I'd love to see something like that!

MillennialDIYer (author)2017-11-16

Well, this sure is one way to make sure your kids take care of you in old age...

LOL! :)

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