Step 3: Assemble PVC Frame

Picture of Assemble PVC Frame
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I started by assembling the base. I added the uprights and then built the the top frame.

Notice how I slipped on the PVC Tee fittings onto the pipe. I used 3 on one and 4 on the other, the extra on one side was a support for the middle of the lid.

The only real tricky part was the length of the lid pipes. Because the hinges are offset I had to trim one of the top pipes so that it fit with the offset. Once I got to that part in the project I simply measured it in place and trimmed off a the excess with a hack saw.

I did not glue my PVC together. The fittings I was using had a thigh enough fit to stay together.
tazassape5 years ago
Thinking of using pvc to make a small gate. What did you use for the hinges? Some sort of T?
simplifiedbuilding (author)  tazassape5 years ago
Yeah I used a Slip T, pictured here: http://www.simplifiedbuilding.com/store/pvc/pvc-fittings/pvc10-slip-tee.html
Thanks, that's what I thought but wanted to be sure.