Picture of Huge Roll of 35mm Film
Inspired but not satisfied by Photojojo's Gigantic Roll of Film, I set out to make a huge roll of film that would be more than just a container. In this Instructable, we will be making a huge blank roll of film (that is also a container) that allows you to pull out and reinsert the "film" with ease, so get creative with it!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • large container - I used a Tang can. Protien shake containers work perfect too!
  • yellow contact paper
  • black construction paper 
  • 9in. long plastic cylinder
  • spray paint caps (at least one needs to be black)
not pictured:
  • duct tape
  • black electrical tape
  • x-acto knife, scissors, or a razor
Optional: (skip to step 7 to see why)
  • photographs
  • paint
  • other things you'd like to use to customize this roll of film to make it your own!

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Let's start off by cutting 6 black sheets into 7.5 x 12in. The 6th sheet will be the end of your "film" roll, so use an actual roll of film or the attached photo for reference when you're cutting the curve.

If you have a roll of construction paper, this step will be a lot easier for you. I only had sheets of black construction paper at the time, so I had to manually attach them together.

Connect the pieces of paper together using black electrical tape and laminate it. 

** You can take it to a Fed Ex Kinko's and get it laminated for $3 and some pocket change. 
arpoky2 years ago
looks more like 3500 mm film!
fariello2 years ago
I L♥VE IT!!!
sunshiine2 years ago
Love this one!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!
Such a cool project!
Eh Lie Us!2 years ago
Wow. Great idea, ey!
Very fun! I love the idea of using it to display photos :)
M.C. Langer2 years ago
Great job Mikey!