Inspired but not satisfied by Photojojo's Gigantic Roll of Film, I set out to make a huge roll of film that would be more than just a container. In this Instructable, we will be making a huge blank roll of film (that is also a container) that allows you to pull out and reinsert the "film" with ease, so get creative with it!

Step 1: Materials

  • large container - I used a Tang can. Protien shake containers work perfect too!
  • yellow contact paper
  • black construction paper¬†
  • 9in. long plastic cylinder
  • spray paint caps (at least one needs to be black)
not pictured:
  • duct tape
  • black electrical tape
  • x-acto knife, scissors, or a razor
Optional: (skip to step 7 to see why)
  • photographs
  • paint
  • other things you'd like to use to customize this roll of film to make it your own!
looks more like 3500 mm film!
I L♥VE IT!!!
Love this one!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend! <br>sunshiine
Such a cool project!
Wow. Great idea, ey!
Very fun! I love the idea of using it to display photos :)
Great job Mikey!

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