Huge Spider's Web Made of an Umbrella


Introduction: Huge Spider's Web Made of an Umbrella

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This idea struck me just in time for Halloween. You can use this Spider's Web as a deco element or even as part of your creepy costume.

(tutorial first published here with pics only:

Step 1: First You Need an Old Umbrella. or a New One That Was Bent by Your Toddler.

This was a children's umbrella with a diameter of approx. 80cm. I'm planning on making an even larger Spider's Web with an adult umbrella :)

Step 2: Turn It Into an Umbrella Skeleton.

Chances are good that the tip is screwed on, so you can easily remove the fabric without too much cutting.

Step 3: Cover the Ribs With Yarn, Rope or Whatever

In case your umbrella's rods are white, you don't have to cover them. But mine were bare metal (well, would work for a steampunk web), and I had a long french knitted cord which I could use.

Use whatever you like, it could even be drinking straws or spray paint (dipped in glitter?). Let your imagination run wild!

Step 4: In Case You Use Such a French Knit Cord...

... make sure you insert it carefully. Cut it off and pull the loose end of the yarn through the loops with a crochet needle.

Step 5: Sew on the Rest

To make sure it won't slide down the rib, wrap the yarn around the tip once before you finish sewing.

Step 6: Now Get Your Hot Glue Gun

To prevent the tip of the ribs to poke through the cord, seal it with a drop of hot glue. Cut off the rest of the yarn.

Step 7: Look, It's Halfway Done!

The first part of your web is done. Yay! I noticed that my umbrella has 8 rods. I'm already thinking about making a huge umbrella spider, turning the ribs into legs...

But let's finish the web, first.

Step 8: Now Make the Net

You can use any thick yarn. If you don't have any, just a thin yarn like I did, you can crochet a loooooong chain. Open your umbrella and spread the ribs evenly (I put it between two armchairs to stabilize it). Starting in the middle, attach the yarn/chain in spirals and increase the distance between the rounds. I used hot glue, but the photos were blurred. Bah.

Step 9: Tadaaaa, Here It Is!

Not bad for a first attempt, right?

Step 10: Put It in a Special Place

I'll put it in my garden on Halloween. Or maybe in the tree standing in front of our house. My huge plush spider gives it an extra spooky touch.

For next year, I can easily fold it and store it in my deco shelf.

I hope you like my tutorial! If you make such a web, please send me a pic, I'd love to see it!

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    Super cool. Is there any reason you couldn't use the French cord to do the spiral as well? Is it because it's ust cheaper to crochet a chain?

    2 replies

    The spiral looked too thick when I first used the French cord, somehow the proportions didn't fit. The yarn itself was too thin, that's why I came up with the crochet version.

    I guess it really depends on what type of yarn and which method you're using - it's very much trial and error :)

    That makes sense. I feel like a traditional spider web (or at least our idea of what one should look like) has thicker spokes and thinner connecting threads.

    Woohoo, I won a prize in the Halloween Props Contest! Thanks so much everyone who voted for it :D

    Perfectly - the shape doesn't change at all, even after the umpteenth time of folding and re-opening :)


    3 years ago

    Love when ordinary materials become extraordinary! Such a Clever idea.

    This is brilliant! Simple, clever and good repurpose for an old umbrella :)

    1 reply

    Very nice! I actually think this would make a really fun costume prop. Like you're taking your pet spider for a walk.

    2 replies

    Uuuuh this is a super cool idea! Somebody made a spider costume for doggies! So a spooky costume for you + this super cool umbrella + your spider-dog and you have an awesome combination!

    Yes, it would be a great prop! My plan was to get my son (3) to model for a photo, but he kindly refused ("nooooooo!!!!").

    I like it a lot! It's simple but clever!! And the big spider makes it even cooler!