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Hello and welcome to my first instructable. This instructable is how to make a huge bubble maker, now i'm no english teacher so please excuse the grammatical errors. I have seen some youtube videos of these but never found one on how to make one, so i rednecked one and with some trail and error got one that work great. can be made in just a few minutes and for cheap!! i also found a bubble mix recipe that works out great 
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Step 1: Parts for the bubble maker

Picture of Parts for the bubble maker
All you needs is 

2 wooden dowel rods
cotton cord
2 eye screws
a few washers

For the dowel rods i used 3/8" by 48" long $0.84 each
The cotton cord is braided cotton cord 1/8"x45' $2.97
Eye screws are 1 1/16"  $2.99 for a pack of 12
washers i had lying around

So for around  $8.00 you have one and enough supplies to build more if you buy more dowel rods.Witch i recommend because when the other kids on the block see huge bubbles they come running, believe me.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
1) screw the eye screws to one end of the dowel rods
2) cut two lengths of the cord one 70 inches the other 100 inches 
3) slide a few washes to the middle of the long cord ( needed for weight ) i used 3 small ones
4) tie one one of both cords to one eye screw  and the other ends to the other screw 

TA DA your done! what you should have now when you hold it up is a upside down triangle see how the washer hold down the bottom length of cord.  
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WUVIE1 year ago
Snibril1 year ago
I just followed your instructions and it worked perfectly.
I had all the bits, barring the rope, lying around anyway, but instead of the washers and metal loops I tried using metal hooks. I pushed the open end through the rope and then used pliers to close them into loops to stop any slipping - seems to work ok and saves having metal-weighted rope swinging around when a small child's enthusiastically bubbling. :)
Barb372 years ago
Well! I think you are one very talented redneck! WELL DONE!
lesliecr2 years ago
I followed your instructions to make this for a family reunion (all hardware supplies came fromMenards). Kids and adults alike enjoyed the results!
dtackett (author)  lesliecr2 years ago
glad to hear everyone liked it. got all my supplies from menards also.
crios422 years ago
It was awesome. We ended up using glycerin and the bubbles were great. I the rods were only 24" and the cords were only 50" and 70". My kid have short little arms.
dtackett (author)  crios422 years ago
glad to see they liked it, the best part of making these is seeing the kids enjoy themselves. thanks for the pictures.
crios422 years ago
Is there something about cotton cord that works well with giant bubble or would nylon or cotton/poly cord work? I'm having trouble finding a place that sells cotton cord, but nylon is in abundance.
dtackett (author)  crios422 years ago
the cotton is better. nylon does not let the bubble mix "cling" to it as well home depot or any hardware store sells the cotton stuff
Do you know of any alternate places that might have the cotton cord? I visited both my local Lowe's and Home Depot, and almost all of the ropes and cords they have available is poly or nylon. I did find some cotton/poly blend, but it's much thinner than 1/8" so I doubt it'll work well.
Tell me about it. I went to two different home depots and they both only had the cotton/poly mix. I finally went to my local Ace (I should have tried there first) and found it. It wasn't 1/8", it was 9/64" (which is slightly larger than 1/8) but that should be fine.
outcasted2 years ago
The bubble mix has to have some time to "age" before it will work. Make it up a few days before you plan to use it.
FitUW2 years ago
I tried your mix, but it doesn't work for me :( Do you use distilled water? Our tap water here is quite hard, might that be a problem? And I used pure glycerin since we had a small bottle right here. How much would you take? I even bought a cotton cord, we had only some PVC strings around...
Damn it, I want huge bubbles now!! ;)
dtackett (author)  FitUW2 years ago
if you have hard water i would buy a jug to use, and just a oz or two of glycerin. also dawn dish liquid works best i have found
FitUW dtackett2 years ago
Well I live in Germany, I have to find out which brand works best here. Don't want to buy Dawn via the internet.
mkog032 years ago
Awesome Instructable!!

Great job!
What sort of container do you use to hold the Bubble Mix into which you dip the cords?

How large is that container?

We are going to have a neighborhood block party soon and I plan to build several of these to keep the little kids occupied.

Thank you for the plans.
dtackett (author)  AtlantaTerry2 years ago
i just bought a cheap flower container at the dollar store, you could use any large bowl or bucket.
dokcal2 years ago
You can also get plain glycerin at the drugstore for a very modest price--surely cheaper than personal lubricant. Check near the pharmacy.
ajvdmeij2 years ago
The PVC "sprinkler" is great! I'm gonna make that!
Gadisha2 years ago
LOL the picture above of the giant bubble reminds me of Donnie Darko!
Cool idea btw :)
JodyDenny2 years ago
Listen, thank you so much for posting!

My kids have bubbles on teh brain. It's a sure way to please both of them.
BTW, corn syrup will stand in for the glycerin, in a pinch.

cogni2 years ago
The best bubble equipment and solution I have ever seen! Can't wait to try this.
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Wow! You could have kids jump rope inside the bubble! : )
Pattymouth2 years ago
I love the pic from "inside" the bubble! Thanks for posting such a cool, easy, and FUN 'ible! Can't wait to make some for gifts!
sitearm2 years ago
@dtacket; Hi! Great article and your recipe for bubble mix is priceless. Not only that you are clearly a Great Dad. Cheers! : ) Site
CrLz2 years ago
Sweet! Thanks for the ible. Saw someone doing this on vacation in Waikiki and have really wanted to do this.

Washers are new to me, good tweak.
dtackett (author)  CrLz2 years ago
your welcome, and the washers are just there for a little added weight to hold the line down and dont interfere with the bubbles
scoochmaroo2 years ago
This would be a great addition to the Picnic Challenge!
dtackett (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
i entered it in thanks
mygibzone2 years ago
Cool! I'll have to try this. We bought an expensive one at the store with the solution & everything, and we couldn't get it to work! It sucked! I think having 2 rods is a much better design too! Thanks for the share!
dtackett (author)  mygibzone2 years ago
your welcome and probably cheaper then the one you bought, have fun
danlynne072 years ago
my 3 year old will love this. thank you
dtackett (author)  danlynne072 years ago
your welcome
rimar20002 years ago
Four words: A WE SO ME!
dtackett (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Thanks kids love it
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Yay, giant bubbles! Summertime is here!
rlambertnj2 years ago
Now, about the sprinkler.... hint hint!
dtackett (author)  rlambertnj2 years ago
ill get one up one the sprinkler in a day or two thanks for the intrest
rlambertnj2 years ago
Question: What is "personal liquid lubricant" ? Hey I'm 62 and there is much in this world I don't know about.

Request: Do an instructable for the sprinkler you made, please :)
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