Picture of Hula Barbie Cake
For my baby girl's 5th birthday, she wanted a Hula Barbie cake. Tools needed: 10" cake pan, large mixing bowl, Wilton's white fondant, flower cookie cutter, sharp knife, cake mix, wax paper, wilton decorating tip # 233 & # 3, icing decorating bags, a barbie doll, plastic wrap, gel food coloring, small dowels, wilton's buttercream icing, rolling pin.

Step 1: Bake cakes, ice & cover w/ fondant

Picture of Bake cakes, ice & cover w/ fondant
First I baked a 10" round (the base) box cake ( I think Duncan Hines Chocolate) and also baked a yellow box cake mix in a large mixing bowl for the "skirt"..iced both with buttercream, then rolled out fondant green & blue, green for skirt & blue for base.
bobironman1 year ago

was this alot of work

Granny_Leah5 years ago
Very cheerful luau cake.
I'm so glad you mentioned wrapping the doll's legs before inserting her in the cake...

The first time I made one I didn't know to do that. The cake tasted like plastic doll !