Hulk SMASH! Mini-Papercraft





Introduction: Hulk SMASH! Mini-Papercraft

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When Bruce Banner sits down to carefully cut out a papercraft project, he gets angry if the scissors aren't sharp enough. And while normally you wouldn't like him when he's angry, the product of his creativity and rage is ADORABLE. 

The Hulk SMASH! papercraft project by Gus Santome is quick, easy, and looks awesome. And this version is far less threatening than the one who busted his way out of the Avengers aerial aircraft carrier in the Avengers movie.



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    I love it. I was going to bug you for the paper size but I finaly learned how to tell paper size on pdfs just a minute ago. This is delightful. Thank you.

    LOL I adore that you called this Halk Smash! This is fantastic!