Step 5: Entrance

Here you can see the backside of the costume. This small "triangle" is where you get inside after opening the zippers. Because of the small size of the "door" it is necessary to "bend" the whole costume. This is the reason why you sholudn`t connect the foam pieces whith each other, only connect them with the painter suit, otherwise the costume isn`t flexible enough to get inside.
<p>Still one of the coolest costumes! Thank you for sharing!</p>
Where do you buy the foam?!
Very cool - reminds me of gollums from clash of clans :)
<p>Awesome costume! Would love to see it in motion if you ever think to upload any video you may have. Was it very heavy to wear or difficult to move? It looks like it any restrictions in movement would add to the effect of the character. You must have had fun wearing this! Great work- thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>this is excellent. You should combine this with your wood hand to make a tree elemental.</p>
<p>WOW!!!!!! Incredible!</p>
Hey im doing a Hulk costume and i was wondering if you could let me know where you got your foam from and that would be greatly appreciated <br>
at amazon, you will find there several dealers who sell foam of different qualitity and sizes...
Great job! How much was to total cost for the cotume? And just the foam alone?
Nice! Where do you see out of?
below the head there is a small gap...
Very nice costume, it reminds me a lot of the Thing from Fantastic Four (except for the colour)
some great building ideas ! You got my imagination working
Using the painter's suit and the stand is such a fantastic idea!

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