Introduction: Human Body Powered Battery (MEDELIS BATTERY 19nh DNA)

Picture of Human Body Powered Battery (MEDELIS BATTERY 19nh DNA)

This is the 1st DIY battery in the World - turning Human Body to Electric Power

Can electricity from the human body replace batteries ?...YES !

I named this (MEDELIS BATTERY 19nh DNA) - its small, powerful and super basic

Battery will generate from 0.5 to 1.5 volts

The reason why my project is being conducted is for a way for people
to create their own batteries, and have alternate sources of energy.

By finding new ways to make and power batteries, they can improve and become much more efficient than before...

Step 1: To Make Battery You Will Need...

Picture of To Make Battery You Will Need...

Copper Plate, Magnesium Plate & Tape....

Step 2: Ready To...

Picture of Ready To...

On a tape glue side apply - Copper & Magnesium...

make little space (1-2 millimetres) between Copper plate and Magnesium plate....


Magnesium (-)

(MEDELIS BATTERY 19nh DNA) ready...!?

now apply battery to your body and start Generate Electric Power...


rlk1nc (author)2016-11-01

How thick are copper and magnesium plates? Where is a good place to purchase those? I'd like to use this for my middle school electronics classes.

Medelis (author)rlk1nc2016-11-02


Medelis (author)Medelis2016-11-02


theblckwlf (author)2016-05-18

awesome project! Have you experimented with different lengths of metals or different places on the body to see what the max voltage could be?

Medelis (author)theblckwlf2016-05-18

max i get it it's 2 volts from one cell

(same place like in photo - humans have different organic structure)

please write ( share ) your results or photos....

most important metal in (this project) is MAGNESIUM.....

ProZockermt2 (author)2016-04-16

well what can you power with this? A led? Video pls :)

Medelis (author)ProZockermt22016-04-16

(Magnesium and the Body's Chemistry) power the LED use a “Joule Thief” is a simple voltage booster - You are welcome write your results

LehiO (author)2016-04-16

This uses the principle of a galvanic cell and uses the moisture from Your sweat to generate power. been wanting to do this for a while

Medelis (author)LehiO2016-04-16

i'm using different metals (no aluminium) .Absolut different chemical reaction...You are welcome to try it out

ArgieP (author)2016-04-15

Hi, nice project i suppose that its using the chemical energy of your body, right?

We could also assume that you burn calories maybe even losing weight!

But all hypothetical.

Medelis (author)ArgieP2016-04-16

yepp...Magnesium and the Body's Chemistry ...

IsaacPierce (author)2016-04-15

Very cool!!

Medelis (author)IsaacPierce2016-04-15

thank you...

Morpheus (author)2016-04-14

Wow, this looks great! I've gotta try it! Thanks for the 'ible.

Medelis (author)Morpheus2016-04-14

you are welcome

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