Hahah. Oh wow.  Okay, I call this "DreiKind" because, in the movie, his beloved "dog" was named "DreiHund" which is 3-dog in German.  But, mine was made of Barbie kids, so I call it DreiKind.  This doll was inspired by the movie The Human Centipede.  It's a scary movie.  100% medically accurate, and 100% wtf.  I hope I don't scare you guys with this instructable.  

WARNING - if the idea of being sewn Hole-To-Hole is utterly horrifying, look away!  But it was Tom Six's idea, not mine.  He's the one who made the movie.  And as I hear it, The Human Centipede 2, (Second Sequence), was just banned in the UK.  Will it make it to the USA?  I don't know.  But I love the idea of a new doll challenge.  Hahah.

LET THE SURGERY COMMENCE!  Ps, LOL @ the Song in the video. "Slow" by Kylie Minogue.

Step 1: What you need!

Picture of what you need!
wood burner
safety pins
e6000 glue
thumb tacks
tan/skin colored acrylic paint
red paint
clear gloss varnish
sander/dremel/not a vibro-tool
sharpies to dye their hair
white fabric
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Why did I click this

Nakid baby/dolls!!! Lol
When u dyed its hair did it stay? Was it sticky and got on your hands?
haha this is so weird but so cool i have to use this
my friend gave my big brother a doll as a joke present and he smashed it apart and then we put it back together and put in creepy places and we did that again and again then it got boring so we hid it somewhere my brother would never look (i can say encase he see's this)so i'm always telling him i will bring it out and he gets scared
eclipsed3 years ago
This is so awesome. You are an evil genius. The only thing better than the dolls are the comments saying "this is sick". LOL no, really?

hihihi0hi3 years ago
oh god.
help me! i cant stop lafing!
Gman1063 years ago
Ooookay, that was weird, cool but weird. Seeing this I bet your house is full of nice cuddly things that people of all ages would like lol. If you done this with no inspiration from the movie, then i would be very very worried and most likely not comment in-case you get me in my nightmares

But cos you did its cool ....in a weird way, not sure if that's "hay that's weird" or " Omg that's weird weird, in like weird beyond my standards" (and that would be saying something) but yeah it has earned a place in my books Rofl X'-D
Stuff like this will get this site banned in various parts of the world, horrible - horrible - horrible. Ok phew, the puritans have stopped watching me type, AWESOME - won't show it too my daughter of course, but AWESOME. Something like this should be sold in that shop/TV show "oddities"
yeas that would be awe some if it was on that show i would lagh so hard ill puke !!!! ceep the weird "ibles" coming! lol
Just saw this movie last week. Sick. Really felt sorry for the surviving girl. )-: Can only watch it once. Um...great job?? /-:
Sherlock694 years ago
OMG I watched the movie, it was...... ok. lol. I love that you made these dolls, Totally F*cked up! Glad you have a sense of humor
LucasOchoa4 years ago
This is great, keep up these individualistic ibles. Already subbed
dmills14 years ago
I love this. Well done.
jstewart74 years ago
Why would you post that D: the mental images...
kristylynn84 (author)  jstewart74 years ago
oh your avatar is cute, is that Applejack? :)
why yes it is :) have I met a fellow brony?
kristylynn84 (author) 4 years ago
hahaha. my guess is that i didn't need to provide a full-blown instructable. :P
Poppinfloss4 years ago
I only came here for the comments.
kristylynn84 (author)  Poppinfloss4 years ago
LOL, some fresh ones for you.
Mella20134 years ago
Ew I'm sorry but that movie sounds disturbing and so is this...
kristylynn84 (author)  Mella20134 years ago
emulating the movie, so your comment confirms accuracy! :D thank youuu
madmanmoe644 years ago
Well done on your commitment to the project!

... and good luck on your commitment to the asylum.
kristylynn84 (author)  madmanmoe644 years ago
thanks for the luck, but i don't think they will except me. i don't have the credentials. :( "not a good fit"
bhylak4 years ago
Picture 4... WTF?
This is one I think is interesting to see...This is actually more likable than those old chairs I saw in a museum with melted wax, old shoes and I think one was an electric chair. Sorry...flash back..lol...
voltagedude4 years ago
this is fucken nasty
alterator4 years ago
looks like some kind of a fetish gangbang. :D
bbark964 years ago
haha like the southpark episode juman centipad
Shouldn't the title read "someone forgot their lithium and seroquel doll"?!?
I didn''t love the movie, yet it haunts me! This will also haunt me! Thanks
SHIFT!4 years ago
This is an extremely nauseating and sickening project, and yet I can't stop reading this instructable!

Very mesmerizing!
ryandean984 years ago
thats kinda the point thats where he got it from
I do believe that the author is a girl.
actually in the introduction it says
"This doll was inspired by the movie The Human Centipede."
You know, I have to say I thought the movie was insanely boring... but this is amazing. :D
insomniaSAH4 years ago
I swear I thought that this said "human centipede cupcakes" for a second - so many people entering the cupcake contest!

Now that I think of it though, those would be pretty hilarious/gross xD

Awesome job, I definitely lol'd
Your comment made me LOL, too!
diygenius4 years ago
I like how the doll in front has a very creepy smile. This is the most disgustingly awesome thing I've seen in a wile.

Keep up the good work.
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