Introduction: How to Demonstrate Reaction Rate and Surface Area

AKA Dragons Breath -Lycopodium powder explodes into flames when it is exposed to fire in dust form. The increased surface area increases the reaction rate and you get a 6 foot long flame.


lighterkid19 (author)2008-06-16

cant you do that with flour too?

yea you can anything dry with fine powder will ignite that includes: chocolate powder corn starch flour ...

Berkin (author)lighterkid192008-11-21

Try that with one of the little tanks of liquid butane you get from those lighters with the long part at the end. Open up the valve, put a flame in front of it and blow!

blaahhaa (author)Berkin2009-06-17

I made a flamethrower using Berkin's idea and it was awesome. It produced a 5 foot flame. I also posted an instructable on it.

Berkin (author)blaahhaa2009-06-23


alwinovich (author)lighterkid192008-08-17

yep and coffe creamer too lycopodium is just way more flammable it's the stuff dr. bunhead from brainiac sprinkles around a lightbulb

Amasarac (author)2009-09-10

Ethylene-vinyl acetate works well for flamethrowers

tictaclad (author)2009-08-01

1 corn starch works best...2 man up and put it in your mouth

MonkeyBoy3217 (author)2008-03-26

how is this an instructable?

Bitty (author)2008-01-29

Again, how is this an instructable? At the very least, show people step by step on how you put together the rig to blow the powder through the flame.

technodude92 (author)Bitty2008-02-23

Bitty, videos and slideshows are not meant to be Instructables. Rather they are meant to be a place where you can document a build/something you did without full explanations and details. Don't believe me? check out [ this instructable]. The rig is very simple, a tube with some lycopodium powder in it aimed at a flame.

gamer (author)2008-01-30

this isnt really a flame thrower

oakironworker (author)2008-01-29

If you have allergies this stuff can put you down. Used this in a chem lab and within two hours was drooling out every facial orifice except my ears. I like your other demos. Will be using a few in class

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-29

That was insane! Awesome job. Can you show how to do it, I would want to try.

Kiteman (author)2008-01-29

Hey, this is what I described in the comments of your lycopodium-bomb video!

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