AKA Dragons Breath -Lycopodium powder explodes into flames when it is exposed to fire in dust form. The increased surface area increases the reaction rate and you get a 6 foot long flame.
cant you do that with flour too?
yea you can anything dry with fine powder will ignite that includes: chocolate powder corn starch flour ...
Try that with one of the little tanks of liquid butane you get from those lighters with the long part at the end. Open up the valve, put a flame in front of it and blow!
I made a flamethrower using Berkin's idea and it was awesome. It produced a 5 foot flame. I also posted an instructable on it.
yep and coffe creamer too lycopodium is just way more flammable it's the stuff dr. bunhead from brainiac sprinkles around a lightbulb
Ethylene-vinyl acetate works well for flamethrowers
1 corn starch works best...2 man up and put it in your mouth
how is this an instructable?
Again, how is this an instructable? At the very least, show people step by step on how you put together the rig to blow the powder through the flame.
Bitty, videos and slideshows are not meant to be Instructables. Rather they are meant to be a place where you can document a build/something you did without full explanations and details. Don't believe me? check out [https://www.instructables.com/id/The-InstructableSlideshowVideo-Tabs..../ this instructable]. The rig is very simple, a tube with some lycopodium powder in it aimed at a flame. <br/>
this isnt really a flame thrower
If you have allergies this stuff can put you down. Used this in a chem lab and within two hours was drooling out every facial orifice except my ears. I like your other demos. Will be using a few in class
That was insane! Awesome job. Can you show how to do it, I would want to try.
Hey, this is what I described in the comments of your lycopodium-bomb video!

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