Human Piano Makey Makey


Introduction: Human Piano Makey Makey

Hi! Our names are Jackson and Felix, and we're high school students in the new Maker Class at Arroyo Grande High School in California.

We made a Makey Makey Human Piano. We thought it was something funny and just fun to build. Its a simple and quick project that anyone can do. As long as you have all the materials you can complete this project in about five or less minutes. So if you want to play music while slapping your friends this is the project for you.

Step 1: Getting Materials

You need:

7 of the alligator clip wires

6 extension wires

1 USB cable

1 Makey Makey Board

Step 2: Putting It Together

1. Take one alligator clip and clip to Earth.

2. Take Extension wires and plug them into W, A, S ,D, F, G.

3. Clip remaining alligator clips onto extension wires.

4. Plug USB plug into its port and into the computer.

5. Load up

6. gather a group of people and have them put metal end of the alligator clip on the bottom of their hand and the musician holds the alligator clip connected to earth.

7. Musician hits the hands of the group and it plays the piano.




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    Looks like fun. Is it working? I didn't hear any piano!

    1 reply

    Thanks! It does work, and very well. Sorry I have to remake the video - our school computers don't allow audio on some of the computers so I will try again at home. Thanks for your comment!