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Introduction: Human Powered Night Train

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This is a human powered parade float for a Christmas night parade. It was built by the Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa (HPVOoO) . More details can be found on .  The base platform is a human powered tandem recumbent tricycle towing a home made 4'x8' tandem axle 3/4 ton flatbed cargo trailer which in turn is towing a kid's wagon.  The trike lies entirely underneath the bottom locomotive boiler line.  The rest is added superstructure.  The red, green and blue lights are 130m of 2.5mm electro-luminescent wire.  The horn is a real diesel locomotive air horn.



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    I would love to build this for Christmas time!!! I was just wondering where you bought all of the EL wire, inverters, and connectors.


    Here's a description of the wiring:

    Approximately how much did it cost?


    The EL wire is about $1.20/foot and there is about 400'. There are also 8 inverters that are $10 each? Connectors all told were maybe another $50?

    The wood was almost all recycled. The bike rims were in a scrap heap, as was the stove pipe.

    A friend gave me the diesel locomotive air horn, but those can fetch anywhere from $300 to $900. The air tank and connectors were $75-$100.

    The tandem recumbent trike you can find here:

    The trailer was about $200 in metal plus labour.

    Can we see it in daytime? I would like to do this to my Rhoadescar.


    Sure, there's lots more photos linked from here in a number of levels of detail:


    An interesting article. Thanks)

    At first I thought this was a light-painting but this is way cooler!