Picture of Human Puppet
These are quite simple, professional puppets to make. You'll have your own professional human puppet made in just a few simple steps! 
Here are some materials you will need: 
-A puppet head and body pattern, I used this great free pattern, You could also buy a pattern off of Project
-1/2" poly-urethane foam (get at fabric or craft stores, usually comes in green) 
-1" poly-urethane foam (get at fabric or craft stores, usually comes in green)
-Fleece your choice in color (I bought antron fleece, which is a higher grade of fleece, I buy my antron fleece from Out of the Box
-Contact Cement
-Fish filter tubing
-Fishing line
-Doll wig or hair extensions
-Plastic craft eyes (I buy mine from Out of the Box Puppets) 
-Black fun foam (optional) 
-Foam Board
-Black Fleece
-Fake eyelashes (optional) 
-Blush (optional) 
-1" Styrofoam ball
-Baby cloths

Let's get started! 

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Step 1: Foaming the puppet

Picture of Foaming the puppet
Cut out the 1" foam and glue it together with contact Cement (contact cement needs to be applied in small quantities to the edges of the puppet, make sure the glue is tacky before you stick the sides together) I also added breast to one of my puppets to give it a more mature look. You can do so by forming crayola air dry clay to the shape wanted and then glue it onto the foam. Once at this stage follow pattern directions to create the puppet skin. 
pmbump14 days ago

How much Antron Fleece do you need per puppet?

bogie022111 months ago
Love the design!!!!
anapet011 year ago
Very good. Iam impressed
randofo1 year ago
Nice puppets. You make it seem so easy.