Step 16: The breakdown and optional handle

Picture of The breakdown and optional handle
You can see here that the entire thing breaks down and fits inside the box.  I also used an old piece of webbing to make a handle for easy carrying.  This is recommended especially if you plan on transporting the animal you catch (the box isn't very heavy empty, but with a raccoon in it may be a different story), but isn't required for the trap to function.

SIRJAMES094 years ago

Good instructable. well written(least for me it was), I understood everything, & the pics helped a lot!

There are a few things I would change were it me building it, but that's just me...I'm weird that way.

Definitely a good instructable, one that I would reccomend to all my friends. :-)
badpanda (author)  SIRJAMES094 years ago
Thanks James, much appreciated. More to come soon I hope, working on something pretty neat right now :)