Humane Multi-Mouse trap Zapper - No pain instant death

Let me start out by clarifying the conflict between "Humane" and "Mouse Zapper".
I have a major mouse pest problem where they eat all my dog and parrot food every night - and many of them .
I tried purchasing several mouse traps which all face different drawbacks:
1. The sticky pad - the mice glue themselves and for hours struggle to get free exhausting themselves to death and die of hunger.
2. The pipe trap - locks them in and then they eventually suffocate after hours - Very bad!
3. The box trap - sometimes cuts their tails when it shuts and what do I do with them then?
4. The standard smack trap - fast death (50% of the time) but only gets one mouse .

So .. I devised this multi-mouse quick death trap using an Arduino which zaps them in the head for 2 sec killing them instantly with no pain (same as done on larger animals human eat ).

Step 3: Video

I hope the video of the zapper working with run properly .. I uploaded an MP4 from my cell phone....
Instructable does not embed stream video - you need to DL it first - sorry.
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stubbsonic1 year ago
Would it be fair to say that we don't really know if the mouse will feel pain or not?