Introduction: Hummer: Lego Edition

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It is a hummer made out of legos that is pretty much industructable.FYI this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Pieces

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These are the pieces you will need.

Step 2: Building the Body

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1. make
3.add together
8.add both of them together.
9. pices
10 . make with flat pieces
11. now put the regular eight spot pieces rotating directions
12. attach to preveously made parts like so
13. pieces
end will look like this

Step 3: Frame

Picture of Frame

3.put together and put in car
4.add on
5.add little dude.Note you have to take off his arms so he can fit

Step 4: Connect It

just put them together.

Step 5: Compress

Picture of Compress

Step on it to compress it

Step 6: Have Fun

Picture of Have Fun

have fun with your semi stunt car

Step 7: Optional

Picture of Optional
this is where the optional pieces are put on



wartroop (author)2009-10-31

You got the Res Q bit from the Jack Storm set from 2001 (I think)

seabananers (author)wartroop2010-07-13

actually it's jack stone i have 13 of them from when i was 4

BLANKLOOK (author)wartroop2009-10-31

actually i didn't i made this thing up

knexsniper1 (author)2009-06-21

looks cool!

BLANKLOOK (author)2009-04-19

it's actually a hummer on steroids sort of

g chord (author)2009-04-18

it doesnt look like a hummer

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Bio: i like K'nex legos ripstick unicycling street biking and taking all tof the above off a ramp (\_/)<help please! (o.o) (> <)
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