Hummingbird Feeder Hanger And Perch (with Optional Ant Trap)

Picture of Hummingbird Feeder Hanger And Perch (with Optional Ant Trap)
My wife and I purchased a Perky Pet Antique Bottle Hummingbird Feeder. When we got home we brainstormed ways to hang it because it didn't come with a hanger or a chain that matched the metal hoop on the feeder. We came up with 3 or 4 lame ideas before my wife suggested we use the interwebz... Duh! She found very general directions for this hanger and another set of instructions for the ant trap, which I simplified. By complicating. Of course.
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Step 1: The Tools

Picture of The Tools
-old coat hanger pliers -I used vise grips *their beefy wire cutters are perfect for this -project * their clamping action came in handy while twisting and bending the wire *they're thin enough you don't have to fuss with them once you've clamped them into place -ruler

Step 2: Clip The Collar Off

Picture of Clip The Collar Off
13, 4:50 PM.jpg
The amount of work to undo the crimping around the hook is not worth the effort, especially since you already have more wire than you need, so snip, snip.

Step 3: Straighten The Wire

Picture of Straighten The Wire
13, 4:50 PM.jpg
13, 4:50 PM.jpg
Get it as straight as you can by hand, then clamp the bends in your pliers and work the wire until it's as straight as you can get it.

Step 4: Add Your First Hook

Picture of Add Your First Hook
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This will be the hook that suspends your hanger from the rain gutter. Clamp your vice grips 3 inches from the end of the wire. Bend your wire, on both sides of the pliers, creating a roughly 45 degree angle. Make sure there is a roughly 1/2" gap between the 2 sides. This will accommodate the width of the side of the gutter.

Step 5: Add The Second Hook

Picture of Add The Second Hook
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Measure 1 1/2 feet from your first bend, clamp and create another hook. This angle should be a little less than 45 degrees, and it should be in the opposite direction of your first bend. There should be a slight gap, but this is not critical.
georion1 year ago
Very Nice,thanks