Picture of Humorous Rope Barometer
I was inspired to build my own Rope Barometer after seeing one at a golf course. 

Step 1: Getting started

Picture of Getting started
I went to the store and bought some wood but any wood you have around can work. I also bought some rope, I wanted to use natural-fibre rope instead of nylon rope only because I thought it would look better. 
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medicman3 years ago
This looks great, your version looks far better than the version that inspired you in the first place.
mpmitri (author)  medicman3 years ago
Hey thank you! I was fun to make. I am thinking of making another one and shipping it to the golf course we saw it at in Augusta, GA. The Patch
woodmagnet3 years ago
Brilliant, I love it. Thanks for sharing it. ;0)
mpmitri (author)  woodmagnet3 years ago
Thank you! That is so nice I you to say!
poofrabbit3 years ago
This is great! I saw something like this using a rock, but this is so much fun since you can customize it to fit a friend for a gift. Wonderful instructable!
mpmitri (author)  poofrabbit3 years ago
Hey thanks! That's exactly what I was thinking too. With the space where I put the golfer you can put anything you want, you can write a title, draw something, or stick on sticker. Any theme works. Thanks again for the nice comment!
Rubeus Hagrid3 months ago

This is so funny and a goood progect!

mpmitri (author)  Rubeus Hagrid3 months ago
Thank you!
savmom2 years ago
This is really great! I think I will make one for my uncle, he is a golfer and a sailor so he would like this alot. Thanks for the share!
mpmitri (author) 3 years ago
I decided to make two other designs; a hunter and a fisherman. I am also selling them at a local farmers market and on Esty
mpmitri (author) 3 years ago
I have had so much positive feedback for Humorous Rope Barometer that I decided to make more! 
meeko3 years ago
Loved it Mr. Mitri! And the screen printing turned out awesome! Great project :]
mpmitri (author)  meeko3 years ago
Thank You! Yeah not that I know how to screen print I want to do it more.
meeko mpmitri3 years ago
Its something I definitely have to try in the future! It would be neat to screen print shirts and things like this
sabership3 years ago
haha, some one ought to put a battery slot on the front... just for extra laughs!
Sabership: ...a battery holder on the front.
PURE GENIUS!! Now I HAVE to make one. Maybe I'll include a little red Power LED next to it.
mpmitri (author)  sabership3 years ago
chicopluma3 years ago
so, don´t playy golf if the rope is gone
mpmitri (author)  chicopluma3 years ago
For sure!
agis683 years ago
ok nice work but maybe i missed something how works like barometer? Or is just a joke?
Nxtfari agis683 years ago
"Humorous Rope Barometer"

Chill out man. It's for the lulz.
gingerely3 years ago
My Mom & Dad had a similiar sign, but with two walnuts hanging down.
It read:
If your nuts are warm, its hot.
If your nuts are wet, its rainy.
If you can't see your nuts, its foggy.
If your nuts get red, its sunny.
If your nuts are white, its snowing.

Same thing, just different. Very funny! ;)
mpmitri (author)  gingerely3 years ago
Haha, PG13 but still funny!
doctek3 years ago
Here's the version I made for my Grandparents when I was Cub Scout, circa 1957. The Burro makes the joke clearer for the humor-challenged among you. The Den Mother (my mom) did the artwork on the Burro; I did the lettering. Note the high-quality yarn that has stood up to the weather all these years.

Great ideas and good humor just keep coming around!
Burro sm.jpg
mpmitri (author)  doctek3 years ago
That is awesome! Super funny!
dewertsnc3 years ago
hepnerj ...Have you ever heard of a phrase about many topics to use a barometer to gauge the situation. You need a sense of humor transplant........and yes I know you can't transplant a sense of humor.
hammer98763 years ago
I have seen these for years with a rock, but I like the rope better - Tells you much more information.

I clicked on "Photo Emulation method" link and it came back to this page. Could you double check that? Otherwise a clear and easy instructable. Congrats on being Featured!
mpmitri (author)  hammer98763 years ago
Thanks for the nice comments! ! And thank you for the information about the broken link! That is exactly one of the things these comments are for!
tareko3 years ago
Funny instructable. Thanks for sharing.
You have left out one feature:
Barometer on the floor - Earthquake
mpmitri (author)  tareko3 years ago
Ha that's a good one too!
jinacio3 years ago
simpler then "stone forecast"
mpmitri (author)  jinacio3 years ago
That's awesome!
Searomer3 years ago
Well it does show wind direction and wind speed, rethought only left and right.
Very nice
Rope Black - Fire
mpmitri (author)  steamjunkprops3 years ago
White_Wolf3 years ago
We had one when we lived in Ellensburg Washington. Only it was a heavy chain with and anchor. I heard a noise one day and saw my BBQ grill tumbling end over end down the street. Bought a new one an chained it to a tree. Gets a bit windy there. The whole valley is a wind turbine farm now.
mpmitri (author)  White_Wolf3 years ago
Halairous story!
hepnerj3 years ago
Only thing, this IS NOT a barometer. How about "Rope Anemometer"?
But this is not an anemometer either...
only the first two lines have anything to do with wind speed... the rest of them have to do with precipitation and storms... have you looked at the markings on the front of a barometer? For the most part , aside from the numbers, they are listed as "Stormy", "Rain", "Change", "Fair", and "Sunny" or Dry...

Yes, a barometer specifically measures the minute changes in atmospheric pressure and one can measure the rapidity of change to indicate the severity of the disturbance, HOWEVER, pressure alone or it's movement does nothing to specifically indicate what is "coming"... thus the markings noted above... and thus the HUMOR in the instructable...

"Satire"... Google it!
zigzagchris3 years ago
Very professional result!
I personally like the acurracy of weather stones better though ;)
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