Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall, Again and Again!




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Introduction: Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall, Again and Again!

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I love knitting Humpty dumpty toys and have knitted several for gifts. They are easy to make from a Jean Greenhowe pattern book called Jean Greenhowe Traditional Favourties. This is a great book and contains patterns for several other toys, including some great teddy bears, dolls and clowns.
I have knitted them mostly in Red Heart yarns
but any oddments of similar weight yarns will do, including Lion Brand Woolease. Woolease is really nice and soft. I use 3mm needles for all my toys and stuff them with non toxic fibre fill for safety.



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    If you are selling the Dumpty's, please let me know how much you would charge for one. My son would love one. Thank You.

    do you make them to sell as my sons (dumpty) as he calls it is nearly due to go to teady hospital . hes had it 7 years and i need to find a new one for him thanks xx adam

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    | have not made these to sell. Do you want to buy one?

    would be intrested yes , would you mind ?

    Very cute, I like the blue one the best. Oh yeah, I LOVE eggs. ;-) And nice title too!

    Those look great! Several of my friends/family members are expecting, so thank you for the pattern book recommendation!

    Wow! This is really creative, I'm glad you posed this! keep it up! -Shifrin