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I love knitting Humpty dumpty toys and have knitted several for gifts. They are easy to make from a Jean Greenhowe pattern book called Jean Greenhowe Traditional Favourties. This is a great book and contains patterns for several other toys, including some great teddy bears, dolls and clowns.
I have knitted them mostly in Red Heart yarns
but any oddments of similar weight yarns will do, including Lion Brand Woolease. Woolease is really nice and soft. I use 3mm needles for all my toys and stuff them with non toxic fibre fill for safety.


momsonsii (author)2009-01-10

If you are selling the Dumpty's, please let me know how much you would charge for one. My son would love one. Thank You.

adam33 (author)2008-09-27

do you make them to sell as my sons (dumpty) as he calls it is nearly due to go to teady hospital . hes had it 7 years and i need to find a new one for him thanks xx adam

stinkymum (author)adam332008-09-27

| have not made these to sell. Do you want to buy one?

adam33 (author)stinkymum2008-09-27

would be intrested yes , would you mind ?

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-15

Very cute, I like the blue one the best. Oh yeah, I LOVE eggs. ;-) And nice title too!

canida (author)2008-01-15

Those look great! Several of my friends/family members are expecting, so thank you for the pattern book recommendation!

Shifrin (author)2008-01-15

Wow! This is really creative, I'm glad you posed this! keep it up! -Shifrin

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