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History behind the embroidery

The development of folk style embroidery began after the industrial revolution . In Hungary is beginning to gain popularity in the 18th century after Maria Theresa in 1772 made it a compulsory subjects in the public and private schools for the girls. The most beautiful embroidered objects decorated with folk motifs are the bridal dowry pieces. This is no coincidence, since even in the last third of the 20th century, in the traditional villages when there was a wedding the dowry was on public display ( "They carry the bride's bed!"). At the beginning of the 21st century became more and more popular due to different trends and movements trying to keep the traditions alive. The motifs spread an appeared n new light and on various objects, not on just the traditional ones.

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ZoltanB21 (author)2016-11-02

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This is beautiful! It looks like Rosemåling.

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thank you:) just getting used to this page, you will see a lot more, shortly

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