Step 2: Cutting Out Soda Can Parts

Picture of Cutting Out Soda Can Parts
On the bottom section of the can, cut out the protruding part tha looks like a ring.  I used metal shears to cut out the outside perimeter of the ring, then cut out the inside to get a hollow ring.  Draw an outline of the mockingjay, or find one on the internet and print it out.  Make sure it is about the same size as the ring, with the tail and wingtips hanging over the edge slightly.  Transfer it to the aluminum sheet (from the soda can) by placing the image on the sheet and tracing over the outline with a pen or pencil.  You should see the raised outline on the aluminum.  Then cut out the shape.  I found it easiest to use scissors because the aluminum is so thin.  You can then cut out the pieces for the arrow.