Hunger Games Reinactment!


Introduction: Hunger Games Reinactment!

With 50% less Death! Play all types of ways you want either Basic, Or Quarter Quell Twist.

Have fun!

Step 1: How to Win

By Being the last one standing and not "Dead"

Step 2: Pick Your Weapon

The rule with weapons: They will be scattered around the map (Your fist can do a half of damage) And Can range from Captain america shields to nerf guns/swords. To even Helmets (Takes 2 hits to take full hit)

BROTIP: Maybe not a Dueldisk. Unless it's a "Scythe"

Step 3: Damage

Each Player Has 3-6 "Wounds" These act as your Lives (Like in Mario). They have to be View able (Like each player has them on a belt loop that doesn't conceal them.) And Should look like all the others (Ribbons, Cloths, Ect.) 

NOTE: No damage Pic, So here is a Robo-Drago Tron :P

Step 4: How to Play

Each "Pod" Should be a Circle around the competitor, if they leave too Early, They are out (For Reference to the book, A bomb went off)

Then, Run to the cornucopia and grab what you can (The Rest is up to you)

Friends NOT Participating Currently (Died or Otherwise) Can Sponsor you Items (Wounds, Weapons, Food (If the Game takes Frigging Long)) You can have them Pay (the College I got this idea from had them pay and all donations for sponsors go to the local Food Bank.)
Set up Boundaries Pre game! We don't want people straying!

Hand To Hand Combat Can Also Cause a loss in Wounds.

Step 5: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

Hope you like the 'ible, This is my first SERIOUS One, So I hope you like it.

HurrWala Says Like it!



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