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Made this bunny girl that I've lovingly named Hunny Bunny from a Lion Brand pattern called Best Bunny. I crocheted her from Vanna's Choice white and dusty rose yarn. I also gave her a fuzzy little tail made from another yarn company's yarn. I altered the pattern to make her much larger than the original pattern. She has extra long ears and I gave her thumbs. She was in the works for a while. Now my daughter loves and plays with Hunny. She is a wonderful bunny companion!

My slide show doesn't work so here are some links to the photos Thank you!


pinky252525 (author)2011-02-09

CUTE! BEATIFUL! AWESOME! ADORABLE! man you can realy crochet

nanasharonmark (author)2010-04-14

This bunny looks cute on the thumprint, however, the slide show doesn't work.  Loved to see the show.

Thank you, i tried reloading it a few times. So I added links to my Flickr account. Hope that works

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