Made this bunny girl that I've lovingly named Hunny Bunny from a Lion Brand pattern called Best Bunny. I crocheted her from Vanna's Choice white and dusty rose yarn. I also gave her a fuzzy little tail made from another yarn company's yarn. I altered the pattern to make her much larger than the original pattern. She has extra long ears and I gave her thumbs. She was in the works for a while. Now my daughter loves and plays with Hunny. She is a wonderful bunny companion!

My slide show doesn't work so here are some links to the photos Thank you!

CUTE! BEATIFUL! AWESOME! ADORABLE! man you can realy crochet
This bunny looks cute on the thumprint, however, the slide show doesn't work.  Loved to see the show.
Thank you, i tried reloading it a few times. So I added links to my Flickr account. Hope that works<br />

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