Hunter-gatherer Hose Organizer


Introduction: Hunter-gatherer Hose Organizer

Gronk not happy, when he need to water lawn in front of cave, hose all over place, all tangled, time take to untangle and use Gronk can be eaten by dinosaur. Gronk think and wander around Jurassic garage looking for thing to make hose better!

Step 1: Garden Hose Organizer

Gronk find piece of ABS 4" x 2' pipe at Cave Depot, he go back to shop and use 1 1/4" drill to make two holes on opposite ends of pipe.

He stick one end of hose in hole, and wrap hose around pipe, he tuck other end of hose in end of pipe

wife Betty Lou comes out and is happy, Gronk Happy.



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    Big cave, Many TV's

    Buck take war canoe many moons ago from Land of Long White Cloud and sail many days to land of Mighty Eagle and surfboards on Rim of Pacific. Buck go to Cave Depot and give many of green leaves with mans face for good stone hammers, flint chisels and bone knives. Buck mightily thirsty after this and go to place of worship of owl known as hooters where priestesses in tight skins give Buck firewater for more of green leaves, Buck is poisoned by firewater and Jilly Liz wants to know where all green leaves have gone.

    Gronk has priorities right, Gronk invent pillar drill before wheel!!

    2 replies

    Gronk should go to Cave Depot and buy $10 hose holder. Mount to side of cave. Betty Lou happy Gronk not spending all day winding hose around small pipe.

    Gronk like that pipe, if Gronk cut the pipe the sticker/decal says he will get 4'X2" abs, Gronk wants to be fit!