Step 4: Making the Dart 3

Cut off any of the cup that sticks above the end of the pipe
<p>So cool, thanks for the guide!</p>
<p>Can I make a blowgun with aluminium tube?</p>
QUESTION: was the rabbit good?
ive made my own 4 ft blow gun and had various smaller ones before and ive found all the other methods i've tried have failed so im gonna try your one but instead of paper cone you can buy plastic ones which would prbly be more durable and wont go soggy (its ruined my paper flighted darts when they hit dewy ground :D
im planning on shooting the squirrels that eats my dads hazelnuts of our giant bush, hes been trapping them but thats not very effective...i think they've learnt now so i'm gonna set up some bait(peanut butter) and a mini hide and see what happens :P the papers coated in wax so it should stand up to the dew a bit but not as long as plastic :D <br>
i used photopaper for the ones i made with the potentialy sticky emulsion side inside. <br>modern photopaper is resin coated and waterproof on the back
my friend and i began to make these as soon as we saw this instructable. we plan on hunting squirrel with them in the future. lately, i have been trying to make this as humane as a possibly can by becoming as accurate as i can, AND,<strong> sharpening the tips.&nbsp;</strong>when you sharpen the tips, it makes a world of a difference. another thing that i did, to make them last longer, is i covered the darts in duct tape. this also makes them fit more snuggly in the barrel.&nbsp;<br> <br> i highly reccomend everyone take advantages of these innovations which i have stated.
Nice! my mom's old roommate did this once. he made the dart cones with plastic from blister packets. he shot them all over the apartment. then he patched the holes with toothpaste so the landlord wouldn't get mad at him. he killed pigeons with it out his back window. these are great to make.
when you said u shot two rabbits wit it, did it do any damage or just bounce of?
&nbsp;Rabbit stew.<br /> <br /> Yes we eat what we shoot.<br />
&nbsp;im wondering whether he ate the rabbits because he said dont kill it if youre not going to eat it
wicked awesome gun!

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