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Introduction: Hunting Camp Coffee Table

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I designed and built this 30" wide, 52" long and 18" high coffee table out of solid oak lumber (1" thick).  In the top of the table I built a recessed area for a steel art piece.  I design and cut the picture of deers in the mountains with a plasma cutter.  Special molding was made to hold tempered glass  1/4" below  top of table and incase steel art work.



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    this is great do you think you could make me one of those inserts only ducks

    What exactly do you put on the table top, and I'm talking about the wood. You put on the stain, and I was wondering what goes on top of that? There must be some kind of coating for durability.

    Four coats of lacquer

    Amazing table we like it a lot!!! keep up the good work.

    Very nice looking! Are you going to put a glass top over the image so you could use it without fear of a glass tipping off the edge of the steel?

    I made special molding that holds a tempered glass over the steel and even with top of table. Look closely at the photos and you will see the molding and glass.

    Guess I need to get my eyes checked, didn't glare on the glass till you pointed it out. DUHHhh. Thanks. It still looks good =)