Hunting the Summer Salad

I am a Chef have not posted one Instructable about food. so here is one for all to enjoy It's summer and the perfect time for a cool crisp salad . For this recipe I will take you on a wild adventure to where the food comes from :) But First I will tell you the Recipe and if your not faint of heartthen follow my adventure to the source products of this The Summer Salad.

Summer Salad

Romaine lettuce 1/3 head

Iceberg lettuce 1/3 head

Strawberries 4 0r 6

Blueberries 20-30

Blue Cheese 2-3 ounces

Chicken 1 5-8 once breast grilled

Raspberry Vinaigrette as much as you like but don't drown it best with 3 onces

Sliced Almonds just a pinch

Step 1: Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce come form well the side of an iceberg and there are no icebergs near me so I wont be traveling to the location to show the hunting techniques. Romaine lettuce is grown in Rome and well it is far to dangerous to go there will all the popes and cardinals that inhabit that region far to scary and close-minded so I will not go there either. Ok so I told you this would be wild actually both lettuces originated in Egypt and most are grown in Canada ,lettuce grows best in cooler climates (it's gona get worse so turn back if you are closed minded and don't like to have a little fun then run away. )

<p>This looks like such a nice and refreshing salad! And you even braved the strawberries to make it for us! haha</p>

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