Hurricane Shelter Mattress Inflator


Introduction: Hurricane Shelter Mattress Inflator

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So I forgot my pump... I had a few things available..... No tools or cutting devices though :/

Step 1: Gather Materials

#Chewing Gum
#Duck Tape (I say Duck because that's my brand of choice :P)
#Trash Bag
#Portable Fan
#Bottle of Water
#Can of Soda

Step 2: First Steps - the Nozzle

We won't be sleeping for awhile, so at your leisure, drink the can of soda... and the bottle of water.

When you're ready, crush the can and make sure you get a sharp edge.

Close the bottle of water tight and press that sharp edge into the upper portion of the bottle (anywhere will work though). Once you have a hole, rip the bottle in half - use the can edge if needed (if you can).

Now, tape the opening of the bottle (your filler nozzle) to the opening on the air mattress.

Step 3: Make the Duct

Now, rip the trash bag in half. Make a nice little ring and use tape to make a hose like thing... I guess you could just rip a hole in the bottom and tape away, but my bag was of the holy variety at the seams....

Step 4: Attach to Fan

Use that ever so useful duck tap to attach the hose to the Fan...

Step 5: Final Step

Tape to your filler nozzle and turn the fan on... Let it sit for awhile (its going to take some time).

Walk around your temporary shelter... have some slim fast... apparently they thought college students would enjoy a whole pallet of strawberry slimfast... note to self: strawberry slim fast tastes like quick setting concrete when room temp.



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    Last time I needed to fill an air matress I used the exhaust from a vacuum. It was a strong, focused air flow. Made a cone of aluminum foil that I taped to the matress and vacuum and had that sucker inflated in no time.

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    what about car exhaust

    keep you busy while you wait for the mattress to inflate.

    i agree, i've had plenty of concrete dust in my mouth, and i made the mistake of drinking strawberry slimfast one day....never again. almost as traumatizing as my roseanne barr(at the time) sex dream.

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    if you're not worried about the smell, you can make a pretty quick filler by using your car's tailpipe, you have to set it up quickly, though, otherwise the exhaust will get too hot to use.

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    There used to be "cheater" plugs for tire inflation that would screw in place of one spark plug. The cheater had a small check valve, and connected to a length of hose, which would hopefully reach the flat tire. After connecting it, you'd restart the engine for a moment. The engine would run rough, but you'd force enough pressure into the tire to make the car driveable again. Of course, you were inflating a tire with fuel-air mixture. I guess there's a reason they don't make those anymore. On a fuel-injected car with a catalytic converter, the exhaust shouldn't contain much in the way of unburned hydrocarbons. But on an older car, using the tailpipe to inflate anything could be almost as dangerous as using the cheater plug. Be careful!

    That's very close to the concept behind a pressure wave supercharger... It uses exhaust gas pressure to compress the intake charge.... As far as I know, only Mazda mass produced an engine that used it... It was a 2.0 liter diesel -- used a Comprex Pressure Wave SC....

    "No tools or cutting devices though :/" wah? I go nowhere without the mult-tool. mebby they search you for "weapons" upon entry to the shelter? anyway, my solution was to cut the bottom out of a 1 liter Mountan Dew Big-Slam. Discard the cap. Take your trusty car and turn on the fan. Shutter closed every vent except one. Press the Big-Slam against the vent, press the bottle lid against the air mattress. This should allow you to get your mattress up to about the 90% full level. Finish by mouth.

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    i won't make the obvious finish by mouth joke, instead i'll say also a good idea.

    Yeah, they told us to leave tools and junk at home... we were not allowed to bring much (I was lucky to get the mattress in :P)

    sorry, I'm much too independent to let myself be herded into a shelter. I suppose that's why I keep the car fueled, my hiking gear packed, and all those cans of food and bottle of water neatly stacked.

    I agree with you 100%... in my case... it wouldn't work because I was living on campus and had nowhere else to go :/ It also did not help having the typical lackofcashitus that so many of college students have....


    very creative, i dig it. now i just have to make an inflatable mattress out of duct tape and garbage bags...

    yuck strwberry slimfast thats nasty stuff. Ive tried the coffe kind its not bad but straw berry man that nasty.